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Peter Yang Peter Yang
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πŸ”’ OnlyFans grew faster than any other creator platform this year. Let's explore why πŸ‘‡ 1. Overview 2. Flywheel 3.…

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Koshiek Karan Koshiek Karan
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There's over 30 million OnlyFans accounts. Here's what a creator in the top 0.01% makes (@lildedjanet). $1.5m = R2…

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- PAS Youth Member Exposed For Following OnlyFans After Asking Woman To β€œTutup Aurat”

Now if you remember 2 months ago, there was a scandal revolving a PAS member following OnlyFans on Twitter. Well that was embarrassing πŸ˜‚

Jokes aside. In 4 years, OnlyFans has grown to 1M creators, $2B paid to creators with 100+ creators making $1M+ πŸ’° The 0.1% makes well over $100k/month with reported million-dollar months.

Peter tweet out a deep dive on the platform which I find to be very interesting.

How does Onlyfans attract users

  • Onlyfans flywheel is quite simple yet brilliant. 
  • They target a specific segment πŸ‘‰ adult content creators
  • Provide value to creators πŸ‘‰ help creators make money by engaging with super fans
  • And let creators bring more users to the platform for them through word of mouth and social media πŸ‘‰ customer acquisition cost is way low

How do adult content creators make money

  • Charge fans to unlock posts and private messages.
  • DMs & tips

Know the biggest similarity between OnlyFans, Amazon & AirBnB?

They all help people to make money. A startup that helps people make money will make money itself.

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