Question Types, Loom & a Swiss Army Knife


Hi Engaging Friends, 

It's officially fall according to the calendar, the weather is finally getting here, and that means one thing around's fall conference time! 

We've already been making conference rounds in September, but we're looking forward to the KSDE Annual Conference in Wichita, Kansas, as well as ITEC in Des Moines, Iowa, this month and starting off next month with the Nebraska Fall Ed Tech Conference in Kearney, Nebraska. 

We're excited to share our newest products - the latest document cameras from Hovercam and awesome new questions types from GradeCam - so don't hesitate to get in touch if you're interested in a free demo of any of our solutions

--The ET Team                    


Halloween Math Gallery Pack

In this spooky gallery pack, you'll find Halloween themed images, math lessons and math templates. Use already-made lessons or make your own using the images and templates in the gallery pack. ...more info

Jeopardy Mobile

This template is a version of Jeopardy that utilizes MimioMobile so that by using their device, all students can participate in answering the questions being asked. It's ready for you to add questions and categories! ...more info


We Love Loom For Sharing Video

We love Loom for sharing video, and we don’t mean as in… “Yeah, that’s a great service. I use it once in a while. You should give it a shot.” No, we mean, we REALLY LOVE Loom…as in… “WHAT? You haven’t tried it yet?” <shoves you out of the way to sit down at your…

Using Fixed Aspect Ratio in MimioStudio

Using Fixed Aspect Ratio in MimioStudio is important when resizing shape and image objects. To retain an object’s proportion so that height and width stay the same in relation to each other, this attribute must be enabled. For instance, if we insert the zebra image below into a MimioStudio file and Fixed Aspect Ratio is…

The Latest GradeCam Question Types are Awesome

We’re so excited about the latest GradeCam question types that have arrived with the summer release of GradeCam’s new technology, Aita. We often mention how responsive GradeCam is to customer feedback and how quickly the software keeps improving. Well, it appears that their responsiveness and speedy development are shooting GradeCam beyond grading multiple choice questions.…

Using MimioStudio Text Tools on a Mac: Where’s My Onscreen Keyboard?

We’re addressing a question about MimioStudio Text Tools on a Mac after receiving a question from one of our customers this month. When using MimioStudio on her Mac, she clicked on the Text Tools icon in the MimioStudio toolbar. The Writing Pad came up, but the onscreen keyboard did not. MimioStudio Text Tools provide alternative…
  • Have you seen Graspable Math? Students can use the web-based application to rearrange terms on the screen to solve math equations, recording and sharing all of the steps they take to arrive at their answer with the teacher. This is very cool content for your interactive display!

  • We've updated all the GradeCam pages on the ET website. Take a look and be sure to check out the Resources tab on the GradeCam Go! product page for easy access to resources all in one location!

  • GradeCam has a bunch of live webinars scheduled for October that cover a variety of topics - scoring the new question types, admin settings, sharing assignments and more. Check the schedule and register for one or all!

  • If you missed the webinars by Swivl last week on Dual-Camera recording, which is now FREE FOR ALL SWIVL USERS, view the webinar recording.

  • FrontRow just released Juno with Bluetooth. Now you can enable wireless audio streaming of instructional content!

  • Tech&Learning did a review of the Boxlight Labdisc, calling it the "Swiss Army knife of data loggers." If you teach any K-12 science, contact us to set up a free demo!

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