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August 21, 2020
DER Funding Database

Weekly In Progress Report

Joseph Affholter will be hosting the MTRAC @ MSU seminar on August 21st from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm.  Join HERE.  Password is: 183627.  Read more below.

DER Director News
Engineering Research Reactivation SharePoint

The Engineering Research Reactivation all-inclusive SharePoint page has helpful reopening resources, important processes, and documents that need to be completed and approved to "return to research". Please request access if prompted. 

Important Announcement: 

Where is my "LABORATORY PLAN FOR A SAFE RETURN" in the approval process?

You can see what step of the approval process your plan is on by looking under the “Engineering Research Reactivation” folders on the SharePoint site. 

  • If the plan has been approved by the Department Chair, you can see if it has been sent to VPRI by clicking on “EGR ADR Review” > “At VPRI for Review”. If the plan is in the “At VPRI for Review” folder then it is currently being reviewed by VPRI.
  • To check to see if your plan has been completely approved by all required departments (DC, EGR Dean's Office, and VPRI), you can click on the “VPRI Final Approved Plans” folder. If your plan is in the “VPRI Final Approved Plans” folder then you approved to return to research. Monique Blackmer ( will reach out to you. 

SharePoint Page
Thank you Kelli

Everyone of us at DER would like to thank Kelli Martin for her leadership and support as we bid her farewell. Through her tenure as DER Director she pushed and encouraged this newly-formed DER team to become leaders at MSU in the area of Research Administration. Implementing new tools and systems has increased DER's ability to serve the faculty, generate detailed reports, and demonstrate many best practices related to research administration. Many of those practices are now being adopted campus-wide. We wish you the best in your new opportunity outside of MSU. You will be missed. Signed, Jacque, Andy, Dennis, Jennifer, Krista, Robert, Ziba, and Tyler.

DER Director Transition

A note from Dr. John Verboncoeur.

DER Director Kelli Martin will be stepping down to take the position as Chief Financial Officer of Traverse City. We greatly appreciate Kelli’s service as DER Director, during which she led the move to the new KC system, led many process efficiency improvements, and fostered a responsive customer service culture. Kelli led the College of Engineering in being the first college at MSU to transition to a fully electronic proposal management system, including pioneering many changes to the software to facilitate Engineering’s diverse portfolio of research administration needs, which are now being adopted by other colleges. Please join us in congratulating Kelli on her accomplishments at MSU, and in wishing her success in her new opportunity. To read the full email, go HERE.

Biomechanics research earns Founders’ Award

Tamara Reid Bush, associate professor of mechanical engineering, has been honored with a Founders’ Award by the American Society of Biomechanics in recognition of her scientific accomplishments in biomechanics and excellence in mentoring. It was one of only four faculty research awards presented by the society this year. Read more

MSU scientists grow the first functioning mini human heart model

Michigan State University researchers have created for the first time a miniature human heart model in the laboratory, complete with all primary heart cell types and a functioning structure of chambers and vascular tissue. Read more HERE.

Unit Research Administrator Spotlight Award, Nominations Due September 11!

The offices of Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA), Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP), and Contract and Grant Administration (CGA) would like to encourage excellence and exemplary service by recognizing unit research administrators who go above and beyond. The recipient(s) of this semiannual award will be recognized in an article in the SPA Newsletter and will receive a plaque and a small financial award as a token of our appreciation. Read more HERE.

Jiliang Tang named a Rising Star in data mining and data science

Jiliang Tang, assistant professor of Computer Science and Engineering at Michigan State University, has been named a “Rising Star” in the international field of data mining and data science.

He will be honored with a first-time award at KDD 2020, the professional conference of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Special Interest Group (SIG) in Knowledge, Discovery, and Data Mining (KDD) – considered the premier interdisciplinary assembly in the field of data mining. The virtual conference is from Aug. 23-27. Read more HERE.

RFP--Water Research Foundation: Assessment of Vulnerability of Source Waters to Toxic Cyanobacterial Outbreaks

The Water Research Foundation has issued an RFP for proposals to Develop a risk assessment model for the prediction of the occurrence of cyanobacteria and the potential for problematic biomass development. The model will track the progress of bloom development, a feature useful for making timely mitigation decisions. It would use the conventional understanding of the major factors triggering and supporting the growth of cyanobacteria, which could be tailored by utilities for site-specific use for their lake or reservoir. Grants range up to $150,000. Learn more HERE.

Online events and resources



Broader Impacts 101
Center for Advancing Research Impact in Society (ARIS)

SEPTEMBER 4-5 and 10-12
Public Engagement with Science: Defining and Measuring Success
Public Engagement with Science


A Guide to Using Virtual Events to Build Community
Center for Scientific Collaboration and Community Engagement

DER's Proposal Volume

The chart above shows DER's Proposal Volume as of (08/21/2020).

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DER Seminars
August 21st at 2:00 to 3:00 pm
MTRAC @ MSU Seminar

The MTRAC @ MSU seminar hosted by Joseph Affholter will provide an overview of the Michigan Translational Research and Commercialization (MTRAC) program based here at MSU. Referred to the AgBio Innovation Hub, the program provides competitive, early-stage translational research and risk assessment funding for technology-based innovations with potential to create value in the agriculture, food, fiber, bioproducts and bioprocessing (“AgBio”) industries. Join the Zoom meeting HERE. Password is 183627.

DER Seminar Website

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