May Giveaway Promos!

May Giveaways!

Hello, Sci-Fi Readers!

This is a short Newsletter to inform you of my latest Free books available through BookFunnel Giveaway Promos for May.

My books, The Formula, UTOPIAS - Book 1 and Alien Storm are included in the following three giveaways. I hope you enjoy them. 

Please post reviews on Amazon, Barnes & Noble,  Goodreads or Smashwords if you like any of these books to encourage new Sci-Fi readers to read them.

Check out all of my books at my Website.

BookFunnel The Future Of Organized Crime!

Free Sci-Fi Giveaway from BookFunnel. My book, The Formula, is included. It's a Sci-Fi Crime story about the discovery on Mars of an anti-aging drug and the attempt to stealth the formula by a ruthless drug producer.

BookFunnel Giveaway

BookFunnel The Post-Apocalypse Book Giveaway!

Free Sci-Fi Giveaway from BookFunnel! My book, UTOPIAS - Book 1,  is included. It is a Sci-Fi Dystopian story about climate change almost causing the extinction of the human race and the androids trying to save it.

BookFunnel Giveaway

BookFunnel May Giveaway Promo!

Free Sci-Fi Giveaway from BookFunnel! My book, Alien Storm, is included. It is a story about first contact and a government coverup to hide the crash landing of an alien starship.

BookFunnel Giveaway

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Don Viecelli Sci-Fi Newsletter

May 3, 2019