January Giveaways And Other Good Deals!

Giveaways And More!

Hello, Sci-Fi Readers!

This NL is filled with Free Offers and other good deals for some of my books. But first, I want to tell you about my latest decision to print paperback books.

For the last few years I only published ebooks. I never felt I could offer a printed book at a reasonable price from past experience with a POD publisher. Just before Christmas I visited a Barnes & Noble book store to find some gift books. What surprised me the most was I found new paperback books cost around $15 each. Wow, prices have really changed recently. Then and there I decided it would be cost effective to offer printed copies for some of my best sellers.

I went to work and released The Guardians Series, all three books, in paperback from Amazon KDP. They are now available for $14.99 each in all Amazon distribution countries. I even bought my first five copies to promote to friends and family. The quality is just as good as found from traditional publishers. I plan to release more of my books in paperback once I am confident the quality of the writing is up to industry standards.

My best selling box set, The Guardians Series, listed below has been reduced to $3.99. The first two books in the trilogy are available for only 99 cents each.

In this NL you will find several of my books available for Free in BookFunnel Giveaway Promos as well as for sale at 99 Cents or higher. None of my books cost more than $2.99 except for my book bundle series. This is due to all the ebooks flooding the market from traditional publishers trying to crowd out Indie Authors. It's making my job harder, but the end result is better quality books at low prices. Readers should take advantage while they can.

The Guardians - Book 2 is included in the SFF Book Bonanza Sci-Fi & Fantasy 99 Cent Promo listed below. Always good deals here.

Lastly, if you are interested in Free Book Giveaways, check out the four BookFunnel Promos below. My books, The Formula, The Guardians - Book 1, Nanomachine War - Book 1 Preview, G's Future, are included for Free.

Please post reviews on Amazon and Goodreads if you like any of these books to encourage new Sci-Fi readers to read them.

The Guardians Series - $3.99!

Amazon US
Amazon UK

The Guardians - Book 2 - 99 Cents!

Amazon US
Amazon UK

The Guardians - Book 3 - $2.99!

Amazon US
Amazon UK

SFF Book Bonanza, All 99 Cents!

99 Cent SFF Book Bonanza Sale!

Check out these great Sci-Fi & Fantasy books on sale from SFF Book Bonanza through January 27! My book, The Guardians - Book 2, is included.

SFF Book Bonanza Sale!

BookFunnel January Sci-Fi Takeover Giveaway!

Free Sci-Fi Giveaway from BookFunnel. My book, The Formula, is included. It's a suspense thriller about an anti-aging formula stolen by a ruthless drug producer on Mars.

BookFunnel Giveaway

BookFunnel Earthbound Giveaway!

Free Sci-Fi books from BookFunnel. My book, The Guardians - Book 1, is included. Check them out and don't forget to post positive reviews if you like some of them. 

BookFunnel Giveaway!

BookFunnel OmegaVerse Giveaway!

Free Sci-Fi Giveaway from BookFunnel! My book Preview for Nanomachine War - Book 1, is included. Start the Series now for only $2.99.

BookFunnel Giveaway

BookFunnel Make Them All Read YA!

Free Sci-Fi Giveaways from BookFunnel. Make Them All Read YA is a great idea! Share it Wide. My book, G's Future, is included.

BookFunnel Giveaway

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January 25, 2019