Wallaga Lake Indigenous fishermen revive net fishing tradition

[Vanessa Milton and Claire Wheaton, ABC]

As they launched their hand-built net fishing boat at Wallaga Lake for the first time, men from the Bermagui Wallaga Lake Djiringanj men's group marked an important milestone for Indigenous fishing rights on the NSW far south coast.

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Coronavirus - self isolation a struggle for large families

[Isabella Higgins and Sarah Collard, ABC]

It's not unusual for Marianne Headland-Mackay to have 10 people from three generations of family living in her home, but now she's worried her children are a risk to her vulnerable parents.

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Lasting legacy of native mounted police frontier violence

[supplied by Flinders Uni]

Hundreds of Aboriginal men who became native mounted police in colonial Australia carried a significant burden of responsibility for law and order for white settlers in Queensland and other settlements.

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Children’s experiences of racial discrimination linked to risk markers of long-term chronic disease

[supplied by ANU]

The first-of-its-kind study examined the link between Australian primary school students’ experiences of racial discrimination and a range of cardiometabolic risk markers, including obesity, blood pressure and inflammation.

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