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Not much happening this week, lovelies. Head down, fingers on the keyboard, I'm really digging into Rhys and Sage. Literally the most exciting thing this week was watching a small spider who has built her web outside my office window take down a fly bigger than her. Spider: 1 Fly: 0.

Stay safe, keep positive, and take care!


New from friends!
Forever in Forbidden: A Werewolf & Witch Friends to Lovers Romance (Alphas & Alchemy: Fierce Mates Book 6)

Lusting after your best friend is hard. Being trapped in his head is hell.

As a wolf shifter in Forbidden, Kentucky, Brody’s no stranger to weird. Packing enough rat traps to maim a small army, he’s ready to battle the bad magic that plagues his old house. He knows just who to call for backup, too--the donut-crafting, magic-wielding woman of his dreams.

Years of will-they-won’t-they is exhausting, even for a witch. But Pearl’s in it for the long haul, for that chance that she and her best friend will one day graduate from playing “hide and seek” to playing “hide the sausage.” To that end, she’s always wished for a peek inside of his head.

When her wish comes true, it’s way more than she bargained for.

Side-by-side, they know there’s nothing they can’t handle...until a giant, moonwalking rodent makes an appearance in their shared dream.

Nightmares, dreams, secrets--nothing is sacred. There’s no place to hide. To survive, they’ll have to bare their souls and admit their pants feelings, once and for all.

Forever in Forbidden is the sixth stand-alone book in the Alphas & Alchemy: Fierce Mates series. Do you love hot alphas, feisty heroines, and steamy love scenes? Of course you do. ;) Get Forever in Forbidden for a hilarious, suspenseful shifter story you won’t want to put down!

Tate's Tale: A fated mates reverse harem romance (Sexy Sins Retreat Book 1)

Being dead isn't at all what I expected. . .

An incubus has infiltrated the Sexy Sins Retreat to snatch recruits for Hades’ dungeon, and the gods chose—or rather conscripted me into purging the incubus and getting things back on track as director. That’s definitely one of my specialties.

I've got four smoking-hot bodyguards whose first job is to ease me through my ascension to the Underworld. Imagine if the flu made you uber horny and your bodyguards were an angel, a werewolf, a vampire, and a demon. Nice problem to have, right? Except I'm on a mission. I want my destined mate back. Funny enough, so do they, and they're all convinced I’m that mate.

I’ve got one chance, one month, to solve the problem and find my beloved somewhere in the Underworld before I’m slung back to my real life. Trouble is, I can’t keep my mind, or my hands, off my bodyguards.

Finding my soul mate has never been more . . . distracting.
Tate’s Tale is the first book in the Sexy Sins Retreat series sizzling paranormal rom-com with four irresistible guys and a spunky heroine who doesn’t need to choose.

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