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2020 In Review

2020 for us

While much of the world believes this to be the weirdest year ever, Santari and I are having an extraordinary year.

I had my 70teenth birthday this year with a surprise party and all. Feeling younger by the day!

We just paid off £90,00 of debt and are now completely debt free..

We are both super healthy, eating 95% organic foods.

I am happier than I have ever been in my whole life. Santari can be heard whistling away in his office and I am dancing to disco tunes every chance I get.

We've lived in Avalon for three years now and love it more by the day. It's truly magical here.

Our on-line coaching & training business is doing great.

We're having fun times on Zoom doing consciousness innovation and Halloween & Christmas parties.

We have achieved a high level of what I call ALLchemical being and it shows up in every aspect of our magical lives.

    2020 for the world

    What a time for the world this year. Right from the start of this global pandemic I said 'So much good is going to come from this. This is the year the world turns.'  I have not been disappointed.

    I don't need to recap here the environmental impacts, innovational breakthroughs, the sense of globality and the bursting forth of Nature that's happened this year. But also what's exciting to me is how the new is showing up so brilliantly in us now.

    Many of us now are living fully embodied in a new reality that can only be described as magical, transcendent and joyfully radiant. We are vast and present at the same time, totally in love with life on planet Earth. We have become what I like to call quantum ALLchemists, working as the ALL for all life everywhere. Being a collective being is second nature to me now. And I can see global unity right in front of our noses now. Standing here now, mid December 2020, there is an unexplainable excitement about what the last few weeks of 2020 and 2021 will bring.

    Join our New Years Eve global consciousness wave
    2021 ... the year of realised dreams

    I've always said it's difficult to predict the future, first because we are awesome creators and we can make it anything we want. But also because it has always seemed to me like multiple timelines and pathways were on offer, so a choice here and there could put you on a completely new path. However in the past four months, I've been playing with future looking and while it's still not 100% predictable, I find now that there seems to be an overarching pathway that soars above the rest, offering us a brand new reality in which the world can live. So here goes with my annual look at our year ahead ... 2021.

    ABUNDANCE ... Despite all the logical pandemic effect predictions, I sense that 2021 will shower the world with abundance ... not just for the select few, but for all people and life forms around this planet. It's a natural kind of abundance that springs from a relationship with the Earth and Nature. An innovative and entrepreneurial abundance that allows everyone to actualise their dreams and do what they love. 

    NATURE ... This past year, where we live, we saw Nature burst forth like never before. Super GREEN, mega growth, luscious organic foods oozing with juiciness and of course the cross species animal love captured by cameras everywhere. In 2021 Nature is going to burst free even more throughout the world as the miraculous magical core of LIFE is opened up for all to become what we've never been before and to see with eyes of wonder what we've never seen before inherent in all life.

    PEOPLE POWER ... There is already a move in motion from hierarchical business, finance and government models to empowerment of the people for collaborative decision making. It may take another year or two to fulfil itself completely, but we will see this clearly emerge this coming year, supported by new technological innovations and loads more local, community and on line engagement.

    GLOBAL UNITY is high on the list this coming year, breaking through all the logical expectations of 'how things are and have been' in the world. This is already happening as we all move through a global pandemic together and see just how interwoven we are. But also If you're like me, your daily contact is with friends from many countries, faiths and beliefs, seeing just how brilliantly we come together now via technology and telepathy.

    HEALTH & WELL-BEING is going to take a huge leap this coming year. First because 2020 experiences have forced a focus on that, but also because we are unleashing in ourselves a miraculous ability to source powerful shifts in our physicality. I'm already experiencing this in our collective power in zinging up others when they ask for assistance, but also experiencing a sense in myself of getting younger rather than older. In my 70teenth year, I am healthier, fitter and happier than I was ten and even twenty years ago. I see this same trend in my buddies around the world too.

    I predicted 2020 as the year the world would turn towards a new reality and had no idea that a tiny virus would come along to facilitate that turning. Now 2021 feels like a bursting forth of all that the new can offer us. A year in which the world becomes all that we have dreamed it could be. Fasten your seat belts folks. This rocket ship is taking off this coming year. The world will become spectacularly awesome in 2021 and all of us will have an experience of living that dream.

    Click on the image below or click here to watch our holiday YouTube message..

    The Audiobook Project

    Having finished the first of his audiobook series on 'Merlin: The Return', Santari has now opened an account with ACX – the distributor for Audible, Amazon and iTunes – and will soon send them all the audio files for this book. It will then be available for sale on those platforms. This week he started recording the next book 'The Way of Dragons'. Listen to this YouTube interview of him talking about it.

    Looking for a great Christmas/New Years gift?

    Two of our books got published this fall and are available from Amazon. You'll find them at 'Becoming Super Humans' and 'Love Letters from the Future'. They make an amazing 2020 ~ 2021 gift. Merry Christmas everybody.

    Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas & a fabulous New Year!

    Here's to 2021 being more extraordinary than we can even imagine!

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