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The Asylum Oracle

Welcome to this month's Asylum Oracle reading, exclusively for my honoured subscribers!

As you may know, each month we will focus on one card, drawn from my personal Oracle deck after a period of deep meditation, during which I ask the question, "What do we, the individuals of the Asylum Community, need to focus on this month in order to achieve our highest purpose?"

As shown above, your card for the month of October is THE FOREST!


🗝 Facing Fears 

🗝 Embracing Darkness

🗝 Finding the Path

My fellow Inmate, the Forest calls to you, leafless branches beckoning in the darkness. Will you enter?

Wait. It's dark in there. Really, really dark. What if you get lost? What if you can't find your way out again? WHY in the world would you bother?

Because you have to.

Because it's time.

Time to GROW.

And you will do this by facing your fears, because, contrary to what you might have been taught, fear does not keep you safe. Fear does nothing but limit you, prevent your evolution, and rob you of your potential. It can also rob you of a great deal of fun in this life!

Now, lest you suppose that abandoning fear leads you down the path of recklessness, I assure you that it does not! For remember that you don't need fear to tell you not to do something legitimately dangerous. For example, you don't step onto the tracks of an oncoming train, or place your hand on a hot stove, and not because you are afraid, but because you know better. Not doing something because you know it is unwise is not the same as not doing something because you fear it.

Now that we're on the same page, the Oracle has asked me to lead you a step further: This month, we are not only going to face our fears together, we are going to LEAN INTO THEM!!!

If you follow me on the magical Instagram, then you know that I just wore a proper ballet leotard and tights to class for the first time. Big deal? Not really, but this is a microcosmic example of a common little fear, and here's how I got over it:

I realized that wearing a low-backed leotard and pink tights are the ballet training uniform not because they are cute, but because they allow the teacher to see your muscles and your lines clearly. If she can't see your body clearly (yoga pants do not cut it), then she cannot critique you properly. And if I'm not in class to be critiqued and pushed to be my best, then I'm wasting my money, aren't I, not to mention my time (and my teacher's time).

So, upon this revelation, I got over my issues in exactly two seconds, and LEANED INTO my fear of being fully revealed/judged/seen. I popped onto Amazon and a day later was the proud owner of two black leotards. The following day, I arrived at the studio, went into the dressing room, put on my new wardrobe, prepared to feel uncomfortable, and stood back to find a woman I barely recognized.

I looked magnificent (she humbly said). And, even more importantly, I felt magnificent!

And NOT because my body was toned and perfect (it isn't, by ballet standards anyway), but because I looked like I was there to take this art form seriously, show it respect, and GROW! And wouldn't you know it, I got far more critiques of my muscle engagement and form than I previously had, and all because I had chosen to learn rather than coddle my pointless insecurities.

I am now a bit disappointed that I used this example, because I am presently facing some FAR more significant fears than the leotard, such as the clowning class that I am currently taking (the most terrifying thing I might ever have done, but utterly life altering because of this—I even dream differently now), or the singing for a legendary master voice teacher for the first time, because although I make my living with my voice, I have never had an actual voice lesson, and it was damn well time. 

But this is not about me...this is about YOU!

*How can you lean in to fear this month?*

It doesn't have to be all of them, you might even choose a tiny one to start off with, and see how you feel (spoiler: you will feel incredible).

The Oracle challenges you to enter the Forest and surprise yourself! Because, I promise you, the moon WILL appear, spreading her path before you, the silver trees WILL part for you as you make your way through to the other side, and the you that emerges from the Forest will be, in a word, magnificent.

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