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We are rapidly approaching the season of our main annual events, the Forum of Global Professionals (Forum) and Global Lithuanian Awards 2019 (GLA),  to be held on December 27 in Vilnius. As usual, we are looking forward to bringing together over 250 energetic and proactive community members and friends, including Laureates and Nominees of Global Lithuanian Awards, global experts currently visiting Lithuania, representatives of Lithuanian businesses, governing institutions, and science. Let's meet to exchange knowledge and experience, make new meaningful connections, exchange positive energy for action, and keep developing strategies for more links among Lithuanian professionals worldwide!


10 Years of Leading Lithuania to Global Frontlines

As GLL celebrates 10 years of its activities, during the Forum of Global Professionals  we will bring on stage the most prominent global Lithuanians who keep applying their international experience in constant effort to lead Lithuania to global front lines.

We are more than honoured to introduce our first  speakers of the Forum bellow. Follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn or come back to check on our website as we will be releasing more news as we go.   

GLL Talks | Marius Jurgilas

Marius Jurgilas, Laureate of Global Lithuanian Awards 2017, Alumnus of the University of Connecticut, Banks of England and Norway, Board Member of Bank of Lithuania, will share the back-stage insights on strategic moves of Lithuania towards the global front-lines of doing business and fintech development.

GLL Talks | Eivanas Maksvytis

Eivanas Maksvytis, Laureate of Global Lithuanian Awards 2018, Founder of Robotics Center Tavo Robotas in Šilutė, will lead us along the route from DIY classroom to European center of advanced engineering fuelled by ambition to compete at the top levels of robotics and mechatronics.

Interactive workshops

Two-hour interactive workshops aim to bring together global and local professionals and encourage them to look for sustainable strategic solutions. Global experience for the essential sectors of country’s development:

Powered by Government Strategic Analysis Center Strata and Marius Jason Jakulis Foundation - for the development and empowerment of global Lithuanian brain map / national academic network.
Powered by EuroApotheka and Work in Lithuania - for the definition of employer branding and talent attraction for corporations of Lithuanian capital. 


Our main annual events, Global Lithuanian Forum and Awards, are also a fundraiser to support the continuous efforts of Global Lithuanian Leaders to connect and engage Lithuanian professionals abroad for the benefit of our homeland. Therefore we are very grateful to all our partners bellow and all participants who contribute to the cause with their TICKETS>>

GLA Laureates Keep Rocking

Marius Jurgilas, Board Member of the Bank of Lithuania and GLA Laureate in 2017, continues his work at keeping Lithuania at the forefront of financial regulations. His most recent accomplishment: making Lithuania one of the first countries regulating security token offering, STO. READ MORE >>

Last year's Laureate of GLA, Jacob Laukaitis communicated to the world the engaging video invitation to visit Lithuania. This year, he started the campaign on his native city Vilnius, making it visible and outstanding. WATCH MORE>>>


Birutė Galdikas shall be credited with operating the longest continuous study by one principal investigator of any wild mammal in the world. Moreover, she has remained the only non-Indonesian and one of the first women ever to win Indonesia’s Hero for the Earth Award. READ MORE>>> 


Clubs of Global Professionals Abroad

Club of Lithuanian Professionals in Paris | Launching Night

GLL welcomes on board a new club of Lithuanian professionals abroad – Lithuanian Professionals in Paris! On October 17, over 90 participants, representing the variety of professions from writers to sportsmen to lawyers to digital and cybersecurity experts, got together for the launch. The enthusiasm, ideas and willingness to share was exceptional! Thank you to Lithuanian Ambassador in Paris Nerijus Aleksiejūnas for kindhearted hospitality, second secretary Marius Atroška for organization, and both Viktorija Gečytė and Mažvydas Michalauskas for being the driving forces!

LEO In Berlin | Podcasts About Business in Baltics

Lithuanian professionals LEO in Berlin keep surprising with new episodes of global podcast Lithuanian Dream and more exclusive global speakers:

Episode 4 takes a closer look at the joys and routines of Clubs themselves giving floor to Marius Raugalas, President of LCLC, Vytautė Rimkutė, co-founder of LEO in Berlin, and Laurynas Dailidė, President of LPC.

Episode 6 features Director of GLL Aušra Kukelkaitė and her 10 years of harnessing the power of Lithuanian Diaspora.

Episode 7 features GLA Laureate, Board Member of Bank of Lithuania Marius Jurgilas and his strategic goals to place Lithuanian among leading economies.

Discussion on Business Transparency | November 6 | London 

On November 6, Lithuanian City of London Club invite local business community to participate in the discussion with the CEO of Transparency International in Lithuania Sergejus Muravjovas on the business environment and anti-corruption initiatives in Lithuania.

NORDIC CLUB MEET UP | November 16 | Stockholm

First joint initiative of Lithuanian Professionals in Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo and Helsinki for the sake of project and activity coordination.

EXPO 2020 | Dubai | October, 2020

EXPO 2020 will take place in Dubai from October, 2020 till June, 2021. Lithuanian professionals of Lithuanian Business Association in Dubai | LBAD are actively engaged to make sure Lithuania gets the most of world attention. Plan your travels and business trips accordingly to learn the business trends and ambitions of Lithuania. 

Vita Scientia 2020 | January 3, 2020 | Vilnius

On January 3, 2020, Network of Lithuania-affiliated Life Scientists invite future participants and partners to the 4th international conference "Vita Scientia 2020" aiming to facilitate the cooperation and expertise exchange among global Lithuanian scientists. 

The event brings together more than 400 academic participants. It will feature new creative generation of scientists such as Dr. Daan Swarts, leading the new bio-chemistry research initiative with CRISPR-Cas, Ago proteins at Wageningen University, and Dr. Andrew Hammond, a post-doc researcher on malaria at the Imperial College London. 

GLL Business Advisors

Export Club on E-commerce in USA | Dominykas Šemeklis

On October 4, GLL in cooperation with Enterprise Lithuania held Export Club on e-commerce market peculiarities in the USA led by Dominykas Šemeklis.  Currently, Dominykas works in digital marketing for Swedish start-ups in the US and has been raising their turnover by 30% every month, reaching up to 500 thousand USD a month. The audience of more than 40 local companies used the opportunity to receive hands-on tips on building an internet sales channel, and tricks on making it effective.  

On November 22, JURGITA BALČIŪNIENĖ, sales and marketing professional with experience in setting up customer loyalty incentives in France, Germany, and Italy, will talk on the most recent trends of sustainable business.

Register and Receive a Global Advice

If you are based in Lithuania and are looking for straight to the point advice on foreign markets, GLL Business advisors program offers you a shortcut towards successful expansion abroad. We will match you with global Lithuanian professionals living and working in your market of choice, so you could make the best use of their localized expertise and connections.

Register for GLL Business Advisors program, financed by the Ministry of the Economy and Innovation of the Republic of Lithuania, HERE.

LT Big Brother

Discussion on Mentorship Benefits

The 11th season of LT Big Brother program has been surprising and inspiring by the crowd of personalities it brought together as mentors for the future leaders.

On October 30, five of experienced mentors Arnoldas Pranckevičius, Ornela Ramasauskaite, Auste Augustinaite, Donatas Voveris told their stories of professional and personal growth with the help of exceptional personalities met along the way. The key to success is the proactive engagement in mentoring relationship.

Program Promotion Worldwide

On November 16, LT Big Brother in cooperation with Lithuanian Professionals in Stockholm will have one of many program's promotional events to raise the awareness as well as increase program's popularity globally. Discussion Receiving Through Giving will give the floor to inspiring experienced mentors who believe that the program benefits and teaches both – mentors and mentees – equally. 


GLL Patron | Justina Bučinskaitė

JUSTINA BUČINSKAITĖ has built her international career connecting Lithuanian and Russian businesses. CEO at "Delta Logistics Group" and Member of the Board at Lithuanian Airports, she also made an effort to connect Lithuanians working in Moscow into business chamber and help Lithuanian companies find way to the Russian market.
As she has observed her international experience bring change to the decision making and corporate culture at the Board of Lithuanian Airports, she views the mission of GLL as very important. The professionals with international experience and global mindset shall be registered and connected for the sake of expertise sharing and globalisation of Lithuania.  

GLL Patron | Ignas Jurkonis

IGNAS JURKONIS joined GLL for the belief in professional connections and their value to economic growth of the country.

Currently based in Los Angeles, he has accumulated his entrepreneurial and managerial experience by working in  companies in Western and Eastern European markets, as well as Russia. Continuous education in the best schools of the world - Harvard, UCLA, Loyola Marymount University - enabled to develop strengths in identifying and capturing business opportunities, valuing operational excellence, envisioning and implementing win-win solutions  through major challenges and turmoil. 

Workspace in Vilnius | UMA Invites Visiting Globals

We extended our cooperation with UMA G9 premium class workspace in Vilnius, and are excited to invite all GLL Supporting members to work at UMA G9 while visiting Vilnius under special GLL member conditions:

  • First day pass FREE, all following day passes - 50% off.
  • First monthly access - 50% off.   

These special conditions apply to GLL Supporting members only until Dec 31, 2019. Contact us at to get your deal or consider supporting GLL activities by choosing one of GLL supporting members' packages HERE.    



Enterprise Lithuania / Versli Lietuva is organizing a business mission and an exceptional opportunity for the most innovative Lithuanian enterprises. During the Munich Network event, the participating companies will get a unique chance to showcase their production to Germany's largest businesses and network with their representatives, creating opportunities for further expansion.

WTM London | November 4-6 | London

On November 4-6, seven companies from Lithuania will be attending the biggest tourism fair in London – WTM London, during which special meetings with tourism professionals will be organized, so if you're interested in the field, don't miss the chance!

Missions by Lithuanian Business Confederation

Lithuanian Business Confederation is organising Lithuanian business missions to:

Dubai in UAE for the Big 5 Building & Construction Show on November 24-29, 2019

Israel for IsraFood Fair on November 26-29, 2019

New York in USA for the Market for Home, Lifestyle+Gift on February 1-8, 2020

Cape Town in RSA for Decorex CapeTown on April 30-May 3, 2020

Pick the filed of your interest and do not miss a chance to learn the best of Lithuanian produce and set meaningful connections for possible job or business opportunities!

Global Lithuanian Leaders

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