You're a runner, you love to run but all of a sudden you get this heavy, dark feeling of dread. Has your running left you feeling defeated?

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May 12, 2019 Newsletter

Are You Feeling Defeated?

When you look at social media posts from runners and the running community they all seem so happy. It's sunshine, roses and personal bests. However it's really not. People have bad runs, things aren't perfect and sometimes you're just defeated and that's okay! Since it's my personal quest to encourage runners to lean into courage and be real this week I want to spend some time talking about that feeling of defeat.

There are spots in a training cycle where it's common to have that feeling of defeat or frustration. When you first start a training program for a new distance it can be overwhelming and get that feeling of defeat. Thoughts such as 'can I even do this?' might pop into your head. This is a question that can pop into your head at the beginning of a training cycle, as your mileage starts to build or during your taper. However it's not often you see a runner posting on social media that defeating feeling of training.

We keep that feeling of defeat to ourselves and save social media for the moments of glory. I think it's human nature to share the good and keep in the bad. We feel if we share the bad, defeating aspects of training it will somehow make us less of a runner. It won't, however you might just find the support you need. Everyone copes differently with the gut crushing feeling of defeat and that's okay. Putting yourself out there, being vulnerable, owning where you are is scary, but when we do something scary we can discover joy, and happiness. Just ask anyone who's ever run a marathon. You have all the feelings when you're out there on the course and somehow when you cross the finish line there's a lot of joy!

So what are my top tips to overcome the feeling of defeat when you're training?

  1. Ask yourself why you're having this feeling. Is there something in your training that's not working or going smoothly? This could be a chance to make some tweaks to your training plan.
  2. Stop comparing yourself to others. I saw a picture on a running group the other day. It said "comparison is the thief of joy." Running is about challenging yourself to become better, stronger and faster. Compare yourself to who you were not to others.
  3. Trust your training. If you're following a solid training plan and you are consistent, trust your training. Your training will get you to the finish line successfully. Don't worry about anyone else or their training, just trust yours.
  4. Train your mental game. As race day edges closer and we start to taper we can drive ourselves crazy. Prepare yourself by doing meditation and visualization. Mediate to have some calmness before your big race. Use visualization to imagine you running the course and executing your race strategy. Visualization can help calm your pre-race jitters.
  5. Be real. Be who you are and don't apologize. This is especially true on social media. I love sharing in your wins but don't be afraid to post the bad runs. I would love to see a tweet in my timeline about a bad run. I'm here to support and encourage you and as a trainer and coach I know it's not all sunshine and roses.

How do you get past the feeling of defeat when you're training? Send me a tweet @srunsfitness on twitter and I'll share your advice! 

Virtual Half Marathon Group Coaching Program

I've worked with a lot of runners and athletes one on one either in person or virtually. I've also helped coached groups of runners. I believe when you get a group of runners together all training for the same race distance magic happens. This is why I want to run a virtual group half marathon coaching program this July to September.

Who is this program perfect for?

  • Runners who want to run a fall half marathon. The timing is perfect for an October half marathon
  • Runners who want a balanced training plan because they know runners need to do more than just run. This plan will include strength training and flexibility training.
  • Runners who can do the workouts on their own but want a supportive community to share the good and the bad with.
  • Runners who want to just show up and workout and not worry about their training plan. Developing and adjusting the training plan is my job! 
  • Runners who don't have a local running club but want that community feeling.
  • Runners who want to learn how to train smarter not harder.
  • Runners who want a coach beside them every step of the way.
  • Runners who want a fun summer of training.
  • Runners who want to be stronger, faster, and more efficient runners

I could go on with the list but you get the idea. If this sounds like you please pre-register at the link above. I can only move forward with this awesome, supportive training program if I have enough interest!

What Kind Of Runner Are You?

What kind of runner are you? It might be a question that you've never really thought about. As we progress and evolve as runners we can change the type of runner we are. 

What are some types of runners?

  • Endurance runners. These are runners that like to run long distances.
  • Speedy runners. These are runners that like to run fast and usually run shorter distances.
  • Competitive runners. These are runners that love competition. We all have a runner friend like this that makes us want to run more miles or pushes us to be faster. You might even have a friendly competition on how many miles you run each week.
  • Elite runners. These are runners that have made running their job. They love to run and have taken on a huge training load.
  • Trail runner. The runner that only wants to run on the trails and not on the road. They eat mountains for breakfast!
  • Social runner. The runner that needs to run with other runners. A social runner is very likely to talk the whole time you're running.
  • Big idea runner. This is a runner that wants to run big races and cross off items on their bucket list
  • Busy runner. This is the runner that has a busy life and far too often shows up on race day without having done enough training.

I'm sure I could sit here and come up with several more types of runners. There's no perfect runner, we are all human. Knowing what type of runner you are is just for fun. So what type of runner are you?

You can see the training plans I have for sale in my Training Peak's store. I am also available for one on one coaching, reviewing your current training plan and creating customized training plans. Send me an e-mail to discuss further. (You can reply to this e-mail and I'll get it!)

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