New learning resource co-created by Pilbara Aboriginal kids

[Rangi Hirini, SBS]

NEO-Learning runs across 2-3 classes and inclusive of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures, literacy, numeracy, digital literacies and visual arts activities. 

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Aboriginal Territorians are 'significantly represented' in disease outbreaks, but not coronavirus

[Lauren Roberts, ABC]

In the Northern Territory, Aboriginal people are often over-represented in the health system — but it's a different story for COVID-19, with official data indicating there have been no Aboriginal coronavirus patients in the NT to date.

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Calls for the early release of prisoners to prevent the spread of COVID-19

[by David Mejia-Canales]

AIDA has joined NATSILS in jointly supporting the demands to release imprisoned First Nations people in a historic open letter authored by ten families who have had loved ones die in custody, along with community members with family in prison.

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New course aims to heal through creative arts

[by Monique Paschke]

The Graduate Certificate and Diploma in Creative Therapies will teach students how to apply creative healing practices from Indigenous and cross-cultural perspectives when working with people who have experienced trauma.

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