Read about what I've been working on this month

Hey! I'm a 15 year-old student passionate about exponential technologies such as Machine Learning to solve some of the world's biggest problems. This newsletter includes what I've been up to this month and the progress I've made!

I Attended a Workshop at Google

This month, I had the opportunity to attend a session at Google's Toronto Office on personal development and goal setting. I learned a ton from Natasha about having a growth mindset, the importance of grit, and also being mindful and grateful for the things I have. I had the chance to reflect on my goals and purpose and understand how people are driven by their passion to create change. One of my key takeaways was that the only way to have exponential impact is to think beyond yourself.

I built a skin lesion classifier

After doing research on Convolutional Neural Networks, I decided to use the HAM10000 dataset to build a web app to classify skin lesions. I learned about Transfer Learning with MobileNet, Data Augmentation, Keras Callbacks, and TensorFlow.js for model conversion.

Check out my article here!

I attended an AI and Healthcare Conference

The impact that artificial intelligence is having on the world is crazy! I had the chance to listen to the opinions of some incredible speakers working in the industry at the Rotman Artificial Intelligence and Healthcare speaker series.

What I'm Reading

This month, I've been reading The Story of Philosophy by Will Durant. Learning about some of the history and ideas about some of the greatest Western philosophers has been super insightful and I've been trying to think from different perspectives.

My New Website

I developed a personal website, which contains the projects that I've recently been working on, as well as some other info about me. I'll be adding more content as I make more progress!

See my website!

Learning the PyTorch Framework

After doing several projects in Keras, I decided to learn a more flexible framework for developing deep learning applications. I'm currently learning how to code neural networks for image recognition, style transfer, sentiment analysis, and more in PyTorch!

My Next Steps for January

I've read several research papers on deep learning this month, and I'm going to work on several projects for implementing the concepts in Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing that I've learned.

I'm also trying to learn more about the world and industries by meeting with some super smart and incredible people. I'm super grateful for all the advice and guidance I've gotten.

It's been an incredible month of personal growth and learning for me and I hope to achieve even more in the new year!

Alex Yu