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Pillow Talk - Jubilant January

The month of January often brings mixed feelings for all of us. But while the post-holiday blues can make it difficult to jump back into reality, there's something about the beginning of a fresh new year that just feels right. 

Of course, now is also the time well-intended yet lofty promises are made to ourselves and others, which in just a few weeks will potentially result in disappointments. 

Before you start filling up your calendars in those brand new 2020 planners, ask yourself what you really really want to commit to this year. What healthy, conscientious, and enriching activities make sense for your family? What apps will keep you on track and which ones are just taking up storage space on your phone? What projects or collaborations will benefit your career goals and not just eat away at your time? What companies, brands, or organizations will you be proud to represent? 

Don't let yourself get overwhelmed by the myth that you just need to be doing "more" either. You've probably heard the business motto, work smarter not harder. Well, it's a mentality that can be applied to every area of life. Sure, being busy and trying to prove to everyone we can do it all will make us feel important for a short while. However, it'll likely lead to burnout. Instead of biting off too much all at once this month, take some time to reprioritize your goals. Think about what you find meaningful and fulfilling, then take little nibbles daily, weekly, and monthly. 

That's what we at Uniik PIllows are focusing our 2020 vision on: simplifying our lives and our schedules to achieve the utmost quality and efficiency on the intake and outtake of all that we set our hands to do. Our main motive is to provide the exact products that will enrich the lives of our beloved customers. We hope you'll join us as we embark on a new year of exciting events, colorful creations, and intentional investments! Happy New Year!

                                                                                                                Uniik-ly yours,

                                                                                                                            The Gals                                              

January News
Collaborations + Connections

We are proud to announce we have partnered with Mended Hearts, a nonprofit organization that supports patients who have undergone heart surgery, who will now receive a Uniik PIllow!

Also, if you're a local or happen to be visiting the area, come find us or our product in any of these 7 Maricopa Valley locations in Phoenix, Arizona:

Out of the Blue in Old Glendale
The Grande Project Shop
in Old Peoria
3 Vintage Chicks
in Cave Creek
The Mercantile
in Old Scottsdale
Highland Yard Vintage Market
in Chandler
The Good Life Market in Tempe
Heritage Square gift shop in Downtown Phoenix - soon
The Potato Barn
in Chandler

We have also added a few wholesale clients and larger commercial clients to our list of customers.

Weekly Specials + Gift Idea
Deal? Deal!

If you're the type who constantly scours the sale rack and keeps coupons handy at all times, then our Christmas Clearance is your jam! Head to our website and load up on Christmas pillow cover designs at a low cost--20% will automatically be discounted at the time of purchase. Not only will you be ahead of the game on décor, you'll have even more funds to spend on gifts when the holidays come around again!

And a little friendly reminder, Valentine's Day (or Galentine's, if you're single and satisfied ATM) is coming up next month. Whether you're flying solo or in a loving relationship, we all have special people we appreciate in our lives. Why not give them a one of a kind, timeless pillow cover (or hand-designed poster!) as a gift they can cherish and display at all times of the year? With all the many categories to choose from on our site, there's surely something for everyone!

New Products + Customizations
  • Baseball season is quickly upon us! Whether you are a die hard spring training attendee or know someone who just can't get enough of the sport, we've got some fresh designs that you must check out! 
  • Carealee's hand-designed poster creations are now available with a limited supply, but hey, it gives us an excuse to see your smiling faces at our shop! Expect simplistic and happy prints perfect for cubicle décor or daily positive décor.
  • Just in time for the holiday of love next month, we have heart shaped inserts in stock! Round ones too, for the record. These inserts are perfect for crafty folk who love to show off their skills and give their own personal touch to a pillow for a gift or their own home. Memory shirt pillows and
  • One of our latest collections is great for businesses and lounge areas. Detailed with modern black and white patterns and complemented by savvy and sophisticated black leather and suede material, this look is so sharp you'll want to stock your office pronto! 
Contest + Creative Customer Shout-Out

By far, our customers are definitely the most resourceful and inventive people alive. We are so in love with every design you all share with us on social media! 

So, let's turn it up a notch. How about a little friendly competition? From now through the end of the month, send in pictures of the amazing creations you have designed from our products for a chance to be featured in the next newsletter and your skill shamelessly shown off!

If you're wondering what type of skill you're up against, just take a look at the gorgeous, glittery mermaid pillows above. Susan Eggen sent this in to us and we couldn't be more proud. She had her own vision in mind for an underwater themed kid's room and wanted to achieve it her own way. Totally fine by us! 

As we've said before, however we can assist your design dreams and schemes, we are more than happy to customize your order and help you make the right choice that fits your budget. 

Besides, if you have an idea for a special project, it's likely that there's another customer out there who has the same needs. So let's hear your plans so we can cater to the demand :)


302 W Melinda Ln, Suite 5, Phoenix
AZ 85027 United States

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