Reapplying for SeedMoney couldn't be easier!

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As I hope you have read, SeedMoney is offering 255 garden grants worth $40,100 later this fall via our biggest SeedMoney Challenge ever.

Our tech team has just added a new feature to our website that makes it easier than ever for someone like you who has applied for a SeedMoney grant in the past to reapply. In this email, I'll walk you through the simple steps.

Go To My Campaign Manager Dashboard

Once you've gone to your Campaign Manager Dashboard, you will see a new button appearing on a past grant application/campaign you have submitted. It's a green button that says "Copy and Edit" and looks like this:

When you click that button, it will copy all your information from that ended application/campaign into a new one. While you could theoretically submit the exact same application over again without making any changes, I would strongly suggest that you take 5-10 minutes to update your request with some fresh narrative text and 1-2 new pictures. SeedMoney and your other potential donors would like to see how your project is evolving.  To edit your new campaign/application, you'll need to click the "edit" button of the new campaign, i.e. the one that now appears at the top of your Campaign Manager Dashboard. That button will look like this:

Once you're done editing your campaign and have it looking the way you want it, you'll see an orange "Submit" button at the bottom right of the last page of the application that looks like this:

Now, I'll understand if that still might seem a bit complicated to you, but once you have opened your Campaign Manager Dashboard, everything will become clearer. And, as always, I'm here to help walk you through the process either by phone (207.956.0606) or by email ( Don't hesitate for even 10 seconds to contact me!

Roger Doiron
Founding Director


SeedMoney is a Maine-based 501c3 nonprofit helping food gardens and gardeners to grow and thrive. We value your privacy and won't share your personal info with any third parties.

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