Release Notes 19.2

Welcome to our first ever newsletter! In this email, you’ll see improvements we’ve made.

We also wanted to take a moment to thank you — 2018 was a #wonderfulyear and we're excited to make 2019 even better! So without further ado... let's see what we've been up to.

What's New
Document Request Folders

You can now organize your document requests into comprehensive folders. 

Learn how to use folders
Audit trail

Get a clear evidence of the sequence of activities that have affected your Document requests.

Learn more about audit trails
Document Conditions

Adding conditions to required documents will display only applicable documents to your recipients.

Learn more about conditions
Embedded Document Request

The embedded Document request allows you to integrate our smart document collection system into your website.

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What's been improved
Contacts management

It's now possible to delete a contact. How cool is that?

Manage your contacts
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