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6th Newsletter, October 2017


ForestLife continues the procedures for developing the Collaboration Platform for Forests and the ForestLife Application for smartphones and tablets. At the same time, communication and dissemination of the project continue.

This summer, the extensive forest fires that occurred in Greece and other Mediterranean countries, have caused the re-opening of the debate on preventing and tackling forest fires, but also on taking swift and effective action to halt the secondary effects of these fires. A documentary evidence from the European Forest Institute proposes forest management as a response to the prevention of forest fires in the Mediterranean. Forest fires have also been the subject of a special International Conference at the Mediterranean Agronomical Institute of Chania, where the latest developments in the field of research have been presented.

Also, as the impact of forest fires is expected to intensify with climate change, new practices and tools for adaptation of forests were discussed at the first meeting of the European Innovation Partnership-Agricultural Operational Groups Service Point, held in Ljubljana, Slovenia, in June 2017.

In 2017, 10 years after the largest forest fires in the country occurred, the Black pine forest on Mount Parnonas, following systematic efforts, continues its restoration course.

The Pan-Hellenic Conference on Forestry is being organised on 8-11 October 2017, in Edessa, while Poland (Warsaw, 9-13 October) will host this year’s European Forest Week.

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Δάση στο Προσκήνιο

Preventing forest fires in the Mediterranean: management is the answer

Extensive forest fires of summer 2017 in Portugal and Mediterranean France highlighted once again the need to change forest fire policy, with emphasis on prevention. Prevention should not be limited to facilitation of repression (early detection of fire, adequate forest road network, organization of volunteers etc.), but should be the result of policies that reduce the chances of a fire, contribute decisively to limiting the burnt area and even minimize the risk of losses in human lives. In Greece, the debate opened following 2007 and the devastating fires of the Peloponnese.

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International Conference on forest fires at the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania

The 11th Forest Fire Special Interest Group Workshop of the European Association of Remote Sensing Laboratories -EARSeL, was held on 25-27 September 2017 at the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania (MAICh). The conference was co-organized by the Laboratory of Forest Management and Remote Sensing of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, MAICh and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), with the support of the European Space Agency (ESA).

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Το έργο LIFE+ AdaptFor στην έκδοση LIFE and Climate change adaptation

New forest practices and tools for adaptation and mitigation of climate change

The first meeting of the EIP–AGRI Focus Group (FG) on “New forest practices and tools for adaptation and mitigation of climate change” took place in Ljubljana (Slovenia) on the 20-21 of June 2017. The meeting was organized by the European Innovation Partnership – Agricultural Operational Groups (EIP-AGRI) Service Point with the support of the Slovenian Forest Service.

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Ολοκλήρωση της Α’ φάσης του Εθνικού Παρατηρητηρίου Δασών

10 years after the devastating fire on Mount Parnon, the Black pine forest covers its slopes again

In the summer of 2007, one of the greatest natural disasters in the history of Greece occurs; extensive forest fires in many parts of the country will turn into ashes more than 2.5 million hectares of forest and fields, causing an enormous ecological disaster and the death of 63 humans.

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Το Κέντρο Πληροφόρησης Ολύμπου ανοίγει τις πύλες του

18th Panhellenic Conference on Forestry and International Workshop

With the topic “Hellenic Forestry facing major challenges: sustainable forest management, forest cadastre, environmental technologies-networking and nature protection”, the 18th Panhellenic Forestry Congress & International Workshop will be held at Edessa, Greece (October 8-11). The Hellenic Forestry Society organizes the congress. The International Workshop «Information Technology, Sustainable Development, Scientific Network & Nature Protection» will run in parallel with the congress.

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Το Κέντρο Πληροφόρησης Ολύμπου ανοίγει τις πύλες του

European Forest Week 2017, Warsaw, Poland

This year, European Forest Week is organised in Warsaw, Poland on 9-13 October.

The European Forest Week, an initiative of FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations), was celebrated for the first time in 2008. Ever since, it is being organized every two years, providing a unique opportunity for participants to present the forest wealth of their country, to raise awareness on the importance of forests and to influence European policies.

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Upcoming events

9/10/2017 - 13/10/2017European Forest Week

8/10/2017 - 11/10/2017 18th Panhellenic Forestry Congress



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