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Love Stories For Creative Types

As those of you who have read Hot For Heather will know, I love protagonists in creative fields. So when I saw author Christa Maurice organizing a promotion solely for romances featuring creative types, I jumped right in!

Hot For Heather is my featured book in the promotion, but there are so many fabulous books on this list I want to read... rock stars, actors, artists and writers abound!

Check out this great collection of Creative Romances!

Have you ever read a book and felt as if it had been written just for you? What if it was?

Katherine O’Shea doesn’t have many vices in life, but Nick Penn’s romances are her secret addiction. It’s like each one has been written for her and her alone. Picturing herself as the heroine is easy, and if she imagines the hot, sexy laptop guy she sees in the bookstore every week as her hero, well, what’s the harm?

Nicholas Cerasino decided to pursue his love of writing after losing his leg in his last tour of action. Military suspense was his genre of choice, but after seeing the cute, shy woman in his grandfather’s bookstore every week, he pours his secret desires into steamy romances instead --- with her as his heroine.

With help from his matchmaking grandfather, Nick’s ready to take their storybook romance to the next level. But he soon finds out that writing romance is a lot easier than living it.

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Just For Me

How does a Billionaire woo the Rock Star Goddess who has Everything?


Brandon Fahr, international playboy and world-renowned artist, has set his sights on a new conquest. A conquest so bold that he's decided to chronicle it in a diary. Further, he's given himself a deadline -- thirty days to capture the heart of Rachel St. Claire.

Rachel St. Claire, a Rock Goddess, has been at the top of the charts for years and has finally let go of her tumultuous relationship with her controlling manager/boyfriend. Now that he's gone, it's the perfect time for Brandon to strike.

Rachel feels the heat as soon as she meets Brandon, but what if she finds his diary and learns that it was just a game to him, a conquest? And what if Brandon finds that he might actually be falling in love... for the very first time?

Icarus Rising

Book Review Of The Week

Falling Hard by Pamela Clare


OK, dammit, I'm crying. I don't get weepy too often over books but the epilogue to this one is an absolute tearjerker.

Read my full review here, and seriously, go read this book; it's absolutely FANTASTIC. 

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Well that's about it from me this week, have a great week and I'll catch you soon with more awesome reading deals!

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