Money should be the servant of your visions, not their master.

The hard part isn’t knowing exactly how to do a thing. It’s caring enough to decide that you should.

~ Bernadette Jiwa

Postcard from Barbara

Got a Project That Needs Funding?

Need Ideas for Your Option Bank?

Postcard from Barbara

Someone once said that Picasso’s entire life was about play. He’d be playing with his children, then playing with his paintings, then playing with a bottle of wine. It appeared, from that description, that Picasso just flowed between activities.

I love that image of playing at whatever is on the agenda. Sometimes, however, it feels more like hard work.

For much of the past two months, my focus has been on a personal project that could not be delayed. Even ordinary domestic chores took a temporary break as intense heat and poor air quality zapped my energy.

Since I think of September 1 as New Year for my business, I knew I’d be shifting gears once the ninth month rolled around. And I have. 

I am working on a new project that has me wildly excited. The ideas just keep coming and I’m doing my best to get them written down and ready to go to work. I’ll have more to say about that soon.

In the meantime, this horoscope popped up for me:  Returning your attention to a job previously set aside or delayed is prudent today. This could be a matter of necessity if something goes on the blink and needs repair. Or it might be because of a strange bit of synchronicity that makes you suspiciously feel as if you’re receiving a cosmic signal now. Follow this healthy impulse wherever it leads, especially if the journey includes lots of constructive catch-up. There's no time like the present to say, procrastination be gone.

I’m adopting that as my horoscope for every day.

Then there’s this encouraging post seen on Facebook: “May the last 3 months of the year be the plot twist you’ve been waiting for. “ I accept.

Got a Project That Needs Funding?

Several years ago, two friends and I decided to take a trip to Las Vegas in July. (Insider tip: there are big bargains during the hot summer months.) Since both of them had been working on unsold writing projects, their cash flow wasn’t great.

Within a week, however, they had both secured the necessary funds. How did they do it?   

No, neither of them held up a 7-11. Being self-employed, they had Option Banks, a collection of ways to generate cash flow when needed.    

In the olden days when I worked for a fixed salary, I operated very differently than I do now in regard to goals. In fact, I was more experienced at wishful thinking than I was at achieving goals.    

Should a new idea cross my mind, I would see if it fit into my budget. It hardly ever did, of course, unless it was very tiny. In those days, money—or the lack thereof—controlled my dream-building.    

Needless to say, my dreams shrunk to almost nothing.  

Self-employment changed all that. Now I decide what I really want. Then I figure out how to make it happen.    

This is considerably more fun than my old system.     

Here’s how it works.     

In 2013, my sister Nancy proposed that we celebrate her birthday the following year with a trip to Provence. The moment her message arrived, I replied, “I’m in.” My other three siblings did the same.     

I began putting this project together by checking my travel fund. Years ago, I had read a suggestion to create separate accounts for different projects. It was an idea I heartily embraced.    

However, with no clear goal, my travel fund had been neglected. I could have accessed funds for the trip from elsewhere, but I decided it would be more fun to focus on fattening my designated account.    

My first step was to offer a short sale on some of my products. Within a few days, I had doubled my travel money.    

Since I am highly motivated by visible progress, I came up with several other small projects that added funds.   

Then the projects began coming to me. I got an invitation to do a seminar in London and scheduled it for the end of my trip to France.    

My doctor recommended me for a medical study. The timing was perfect, the schedule was flexible, the project could help others. Being a human guinea pig would also bring in a third of my trip funds.   

 If you’ve never done so (or haven’t done so for awhile), I urge you to create your own project and find a new way to fund it.     

Pick something that really excites you, something you truly desire. Start with something small, but meaningful.    

Then get busy putting it together. The real reward in this is NOT the goal itself. The big prize is the confidence and creativity boost that comes with making things happen.

As Alan Cohen reminds us, “Money should be the servant of your visions, not their master.”

Need Ideas for Your Option Bank?

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Buon Viaggio,  

Barbara Winter

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