The Best Bargain and New Release Romances

The Highlander's Defiant Captive by Anna Campbell

In a time of heroes, the greatest hero of all is Callum Mackinnon, Laird of Achnasheen. Brave, reckless, canny, and handsome enough to turn any lassie weak at the knees, Callum is a legend in the wild Highlands. Now the young laird is determined to end the violent feud with the Drummonds, a conflict that has painted the glens red with blood for centuries. This means taking Bonny Mhairi Drummond, the Rose of Bruard, as his wife. When negotiations with her pig-headed father break down, Callum kidnaps the fairest maiden in Scotland, swearing to make her his own.


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Captain of My Heart by Danelle Harmon

She wanted no man -- but him. Brash, hot-tempered, and born at sea in a raging gale, Mira Ashton is more than most men can manage. Disguising herself as a crew member and sneaking aboard Brendan's newly-built Kestrel, she becomes the schooner's finest gunner . . . and the captain's most outrageous distraction. As desire ignites between them, Mira finds herself competing against Kestrel for Brendan's love. But when tragedy strikes, Mira must join forces with her mighty rival in a daring adventure that turns the tide of battle and brings glorious victory to the colonists, the captain . . . and the lady who has captured his heart.

FREE THROUGH 10/28/19!

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Earl of Charm by Maggie Dallen

The Earl of Charm has it all—the title, the wealth, the land. The only one thing he doesn't have? Charm. As the second son, Alexander Gordon was never supposed to inherit the earldom. But then again, his elder brother wasn't supposed to die in a tragic hunting accident, either. Alex's gruff manners and quiet nature are far better suited to his solitary life as as a scholar, but Alex is honor-bound to do right by the title and by his family. Which means...he must find a wife. More importantly, he must learn how to woo a wife. Luckily for Alex, his great aunt has brought her companion along to celebrate Christmastide. The lovely Miss Lovelace might be plagued by scandal and notoriety, thanks to her family's downfall, but she knows more than anyone about the art of charm and flirtation. His new instructor makes the ideal practice partner for conversation, and dancing, and...kissing? But no, that was a mistake. He has a duty to his family to uphold, and as delectable as his new teacher might be, she's not a proper choice to be his wife. When it comes to love versus duty, it would be wicked to choose with his heart...wouldn't it?


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The Renegade's Heart by Claire Delacroix

Released from the captivity of the Fae, Murdoch Seton wants nothing more than to forget his lost years. Undertaking a quest to recover treasure stolen from his family seems the perfect solution - but Murdoch is not counting upon a curious maiden who holds both the secret to the theft and his sole redemption. Isabella is outraged to find her brother’s keep besieged by a renegade knight - especially one who is too handsome for his own good or hers. After a single encounter, she becomes convinced that his cause is just and decides to unveil the true thief, never imagining that their single shared kiss has launched a battle for Murdoch’s very soul. As the treacherous Fae move to claim Murdoch forever, Isabella seeks to heal the knight who has stolen her heart. But will Murdoch allow her to take a risk and endanger herself? Or will he sacrifice himself to ensure Isabella’s future?


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A Perfect Deception by Alyssa Drake

Disowned by her mother and suffering from unrequited love, a dismayed wallflower steps out of the shadows and into the path of a vindictive killer… Through a chance introduction, Miss Daphne Clemens is thrust into a dangerous situation, sequestered on a country estate with the one man she wants, but cannot have: Mr. Thomas Reid. Thomas expected to remain a bachelor forever, but Daphne's presence reopens his heart to the possibility of love... until a body is discovered just outside the estate. He realizes someone is feeding information to a killer intent on murdering everyone in the chateau… including Daphne.


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Highlander Besieged by Vonda Sinclair

Cyrus MacKenzie, a Highland chief and the Earl of Stornmor, is in search of the perfect bride. The young, naïve daughter of a marquess should do nicely, but she's not the one who has captured his attention. Lady Elspeth Seton, Baroness Grey, is a widow with a secret past. When a mysterious enemy turns her own guards against her and attempts to steal every piece of property she owns, she's uncertain who to trust. With his fearsome warlord reputation and battle-hardened scowl, Cyrus is the last man she wishes to seek help from, but he's the only one offering it.


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Mercer's Belles by Heather B. Moore, Teri Harman, and Linda Caroll-Bradd

When Mr. Mercer sends out a call for single women to travel to Seattle for teaching positions and the potential of forming marriages, 45 answer his call, becoming Mercer's Belles.

The following collection is based on based on true events during the 1860s:

ONE DANCE by Heather B. Moore: As Harriet and Caleb’s paths continue to cross, Harriet beings to see a completely different future than she imagined.
A JOURNEY TO LOVE by Teri Harman: The more time Cora and Albert spend together on their voyage west, the more they are drawn to each other.
A FARAWAY LIFE by Linda Carroll-Bradd: When logging manager Lang Ingemar convinces Sorcha to relocate to the logging camp to teach, he has no idea the ways his life will be changed.


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Behind a Moonlit Veil by Tabetha Waite

An evil lurks in the darkest corners of Victorian London... Amaris Maxwell has lived her entire life with ill health. As the daughter of a prominent doctor, it never occurred to her to question his abilities, nor his associate’s rather unorthodox treatments. It isn’t until fate thrusts her into the path of Mr. Jackson Moreland that she begins to question everything she’s ever known. As a mysterious killer begins to terrorize the streets of London, Amaris realizes that things are not always how they may appear…But how close is the true villain? Jackson Moreland has lived the last two years of his life in a personal hell after the brutal murder of his wife. When he is engaged by Scotland Yard to assist in learning the identity of the murderer of Whitechapel, everything changes the moment he meets Amaris. He knows something isn’t right and he’s determined to find out what it is. As things progress between them and secrets are revealed amid their growing attraction, they begin to fear that the true threat may not be the Ripper after all.


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COMING 12.3.2019!

When a woman desperate for a job saves the life of an earl…
… both of their plans for the future are thwarted.

He’s eccentric and society-shy…
There’s no polite way to describe Ansley, Earl of Scarborough’s obsession with schedules and inflexible routines. Unfortunately, he’s also in need of a wife, which forces him squarely in the midst of the society he can scarcely function in. If only he dared to ignore the haut ton’s censure and claim the lovely, wholly unsuitable Willow as his own.

She seeks a governess post…
Up from the country, Willow Harwood must quickly secure a governess position and save enough money to return to America. Only, her plans are foiled when she rushes to the rescue of a devastatingly handsome earl in the process of being robbed. Though he’s far above her station, she can’t fight the irrepressible attraction she feels toward him.

Neither is prepared for the upheaval to their lives when she reluctantly accepts his offer of employment…as his housekeeper. Nor can either predict the mayhem that follows when a lord who disdains society and a country miss with no experience plan a haut ton Christmastide gathering.


Winter Wishes


New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author Cheryl Bolen and USA Today Bestselling authors Bronwen Evans, Lana Williams, Bree Wolf and Collette Cameron are joined by Heather Boyd, Sasha Cottman, Samantha Grace, Donna Cummings, Barbara Monajem, Suzanna Medeiros, Wendy Vella, and Alina K. Field in this exciting new anthology of thirteen never-before-published Regency Christmas Romances.

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Stars are Shining Brightly

COMING 12.3.19!

Enjoy a holiday collection from some of your favorite Dragonblade Publishing authors in this collection of never-before published tales!

From the bedecked halls of Regency England to the cold and crisp air of Medieval England, and everything in between, welcome to the magic of a holiday collection that will bring the joy of the season into your heart and into your home. Ten New York Times, USA Today or Internationally bestselling authors, including Paula Quinn, Meara Platt, Collette Cameron, Mary Lancaster, Alexa Aston, Sydney Jane Baily, Lynne Connolly, Avril Borthiry, and Aubrey Wynne bring you their twist on the holidays using some of your favorite characters in STARS ARE BRIGHTLY SHINING.

Heart of Thanks by Paula Quinn 
The Hope of Love by Meara Platt 
A Christmas Kiss for the Highlander by Collette Cameron 
Christmas Heart by Mary Lancaster
Starlight Night by Alexa Aston 
A Beastly Christmas by Sydney Jane Baily 
A Bunch of Mistletoe by Lynne Connolly
A Solitary Candle by Avril Borthiry 
A Merry MacNaughton Mishap by Aubrey Wynne

From Dragonblade to you, we wish you a very happy holiday season!


To Love a Highland Laird

COMING 11.15.19!

She’s determined to end her betrothal, but he must make her his... no matter the cost.

As an infant, Mayra Findlay’s hand was pledged in marriage to Logan Rutherford by order of the king. She’s only seen Logan once since; when they were still young children. After a chance encounter with an irresistible rogue she can’t stop thinking about, nor stop secretly meeting, Mayra is resolute she’ll marry for love. Though it’s risky, she initiates a bold scheme that’s certain to force Logan to call off their union.

Until Laird Logan Rutherford returned to Scotland and inherited a near bankrupt estate, he had no intention of wedding the lass he was betrothed to as a wee lad. He’d planned to honor Mayra’s ever-more demanding requests to dissolve their marriage contract.

But when he prevents Mayra from taking a nasty tumble, he’s immediately intrigued with the intelligent lass. Mayra doesn’t recognize Logan, and after she reveals her utter contempt for her betrothed, he impulsively assumes his cousin’s identity.

A decision that soon has Logan snared in a tangled web of deceit, because he’s fallen in love with Mayra.

NOTE: "To love a Highland Laird" has been previously published as "To Love a Highland Rogue". The new version is an enhanced second addition with new BONUS content!


To Redeem a Highland Rogue

COMING 12.5.19!

One forbidden kiss sets them on a path from which there’s no return.

In a desperate final attempt to force her cruel betrothed to call off their arranged marriage, Arieen Fleming deliberately creates a public scandal. Aware she’ll likely be shunned by Society and remain unmarried; she kisses a dashing swashbuckler at a masked ball. What she doesn’t anticipate is her powerful fascination and sensual reaction to Coburn Wallace.

Coburn Wallace is a man who enjoys life and women to the fullest. As cousin and second-in-command to a laird, he has no need or desire to marry and produce an heir. When a beautiful female pirate demands he kiss her, who is he to refuse such an unexpected gift? Upon learning Arieen’s been disowned and is destitute, he’s seized with an inexplicable urge to protect her even as his honor demands he marry Arieen for his unwitting contribution to her ruination.

Arieen has no choice but to accept Coburn’s offer, and though they can’t deny their overwhelming, mutual attraction, dare they hope for more?

Can attraction blossom into love in a marriage neither wanted?

Note: "To Redeem a Highland Rogue" has been previously published as "To Redeem a Highland Rake", a RONE award winner for 2019. This in an enhanced second addition with new BONUS content.


To Seduce a Highland Scoundrel

COMING 1.23.2020!

Desperate for her freedom, she’ll risk everything. To protect her, he’ll forsake a solemn oath.

Steadfast, loyal, and a fierce warrior, Laird Graeme Kennedy puts his duty to his family and clan above all else. After a horrendous marriage, he’s vowed to never wed again and to become the best laird Killeaggian Tower has ever known. Only, the unexpected arrival of the beautiful and intelligent Berget Jonston throws his orderly life into upheaval and threatens the safety of those under his protection.

Brave and intrepid, widow Berget Jonston refuses to be manipulated into another arranged marriage. Risking all, she escapes to the Highlands. The last thing she expected—or wanted—was to encounter the intimidating, brawny Graeme Kennedy. A man who affects her as no one ever has.

Will Graeme and Berget find the courage to put their pasts behind them and embrace their passion and love? Or will Berget flee again to protect Graeme and his clan from the madman determined to have her, no matter the cost?


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