Important Announcement

Geography notes, Environment notes, etc. fully revised & updated by 2019

  • The thoroughly revised and updated edition of Geography for GS, Environment for GS, General Science for Prelims and India Agriculture for prelims and mains is planned to be released by Jan 2019.
  • In the worst case scenario, it could take until March 2019.

You can download the new editions at no extra cost

  • Users that purchase/have purchased the Geography, Environment, Biology and Major Crops notes after June 05 2017 will get the upcoming updated versions at no extra cost.
  • The updated editions will be available for download on You need to login to to access them.
  • Users that purchased the notes before June 05 2017 must read this.

We will also be posting a short notes for quick revision

  • From 2019 we will be posting a short version of each notes.
  • The short notes will be helpful for quick revision before the exam.
  • We are also planning to give related current affairs on a monthly or bi-weekly basis as value addition if we can get enough subscribers.

Prices going up from January 2019.

  • Geography for GS at INR 100. (INR 90 at present)
  • Environment for GS at INR 70. (INR 60 at present)
  • General Science for Prelims at INR 50. (INR 20 at present)
  • Indian Agriculture for prelims and mains at INR 50. (INR 10 at present)

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