Pleasure Island - The Adult Fun Store

Dear Friends,

It is this time of year and we have our great promotion yet again. We know you are all going to love it!

To show our loyal customers how much we appreciate your business. Our gift bags are getting better and better thanks to our suppliers to make this possible.

Wishing all of you and your family a wonderful holiday season.

While supplies last

Naughty Christmas Jokes

1. Why does Santa always come through the chimney?Because he knows better than to try the back door.

2. What do priests and Christmas trees have in common?Their balls are just ornamental.

3. What do a train set and your wife’s boobs have in common?
They were both made for kids but dads can’t help playing with them.

4. You know, that’s not a candy cane in my pocket…I’m just THAT happy to see you.

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Pleasure Island - The Adult Fun Store

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