Did you know that according to the Henley Passport Index, the top passports in the world offer visa-free access to 190+ destnations, while the lowest rank at just 26?

This February, we're exploring the world through the eyes of travellers from developing and Low Passport Index (LPI) countries.

Maliha Fairooz, the winner of NomadMania Travel Awards as the Biggest LPI Traveller.

See our latest blog post about the Passport Privilege And Unequal Opportunities in Travel to dive deeper into this important issue.

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Track how many countries you've visited in the last 90 days!

Great news for our community members who love keeping tabs on their travel achievements! Now, you can easily see the number of countries visited in the last 90 days directly in the UPDATES section of your profile.

You can also see the same data for other NomadMania members. And if you're friends you can even check which particular countries are on a list. 

It's a fantastic way to keep track of your recent journeys and share them with the community. Log in to your profile to see this new feature in action.

As Seen On...

NomadMania is making waves in the media! We've been featured in a couple of publications:

CNN published an article that "More and more travelers are visiting every country in the world. Some are having second thoughts about it".

NomadMania got a few mentions, including a mention of our standards regarding what counts as "a visit".

Read the full story by CNN here... 

Over in Romania, Libertatea magazine talks about us when spotlighting NomadMania's member, Lucian Daghie.

It's an inspiring read for all travel enthusiasts. Check it out here.

*** Use "translate" function in Chrome to see it in English.

DARE to Explore: Western Asia 

Our weekly expanding DARE list just got a thrilling update with new destinations in Western Asia.

Whether you're seeking adventure or a glimpse into less-travelled locales, these spots are sure to pique your curiosity:

Ready to add these to your list? Start planning your next adventure today!


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