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Dear GLL members and friends, 

We are happy to let you know that live GLL events of 2020 have not been cancelled, they have been rescheduled. MARK the new dates on your calendars and lets open the high season of proper business and fun networking starting August.  

After all, GLL is all about networking and building personal ties which enables the trust!

But before that, lets continue the unique tradition to sing Lithuanian anthem Tautiška Giesmė ON JULY 6!
Only this year we shall sing:
🤝  two anthems - of Lithuania and the country of your residence for friendship
🌁  on a bridge of the city of your residence as a symbol of connection
🇱🇹  keeping the distance of a flag for safety
📢  sharing it live on FB or filming to join the global choir with #tautiškagiesmė

Faithfully yours, 
 GLL Team   

GLL Live Events in Vilnius
July 6

If you are currently in Vilnius, let's get together to sing our National Anthem "Tautiška giesmė"! Meeting point - bar "Kitas krantas" at 7:30 pm, next to the main stage on Karaliausiaus Mindaugo bridge.  Bring the flag of your country of residence to celebrate human unity which transcends our distances, differences and nationalities. 

August 6

GLL and LT Big Brother Back to Vilnius | Summer Grill - outdoors cooking and networking adventure of returning and visiting GLL and LT Big Brother community. It combines two traditions of live networkings.

September 10

Save the date for GLL Summer Gathering - a sunny occasion to step away from the business as usual, meet people of global mindset and exceptional careers, and swap outstanding experiences. According to new realities, we'll create opportunities to join online as well. Check-in to this Facebook event to receive more details as we will be announcing shortly.

December 29

GLL Forum & Global Lithuanian Awards - traditional annual celebration of the achievements of global Lithuanians under the auspice of the President of Lithuania. We'll create possibilities to join online, however we do hope to see you there live! 

Other Events
All Events Globally
July 9 | 1:00 pm VLN time | Online
Discussion of Global Security Experts

As part of GLL response to pandemic, we had gathered a group of international security experts under GLL Think&Do initiative to discuss the possible event scenarios for Lithuania and what we should do to be better prepared for them. Read more about the panel members, fields of exploration and REGISTER HERE.  

Senior Product Lead @ Tesonet

Started as a startup run by two entrepreneurs, today TESONET is an incubator, a venture builder, a digital frontier specialising in all IT things. With 1100+ experts in over 30 projects, they build global products for a safer and more open Internet.  

TESONET has always been thirsty for more talent and now, they are looking for more forward-thinking SENIOR PRODUCT LEAD to drive innovation, develop new product from scratch, and lead the team into global success. So, if you already have experience in the field and consider yourself a creative and visionary thinker, join TESONET ever-growing team. More Information here >>

Summer Internship @ MARS

How about spending summer workation on the seaside of Lithuania? The students on the photo have a unique opportunity to spend holidays combining fun and professional experience at Mars Lietuva. Year to year, Summer Internship Program brings together young future professionals to accumulate valuable experience and unforgettable memories. 

Follow Mars Lietuva to know more about exceptional carrier opportunities.

I-voting Task Force Celebrates the First Victory

Inspired by pandemic restrictions, GLL Think & Do Tank has developed into pan-Baltic project The Baltic Digital Bubble run in cooperation with voting engagement initiative DABAR and Economic Cooperation Commission of the PLB - World Lithuanian Community. The main objective of this initiative is to advocate for internet voting options for Lithuanian citizens living abroad. 

Well-organised advocacy campaign has so far included international events (1) i-voting situation in the Baltics  and (2) i-voting practice in France, consistent communication with state authorities on all levels, regular press-releases. 

The project already celebrates the first victory - as of Tuesday, June 30th, the Lithuanian Government has officially passed a motion to legalise internet voting for Lithuanians living abroad during the pandemic.

Read the key take-outs of the latest discussion here >>

Clubs of Professionals | For Future Elections

As this year is special for the Parliament elections in Lithuania planned for October 11, Clubs of Lithuanian Professionals led by initiative DABAR and in cooperation with PLB - World Lithuanian Community are getting ready for the busy activation campaign.

The global voter registration is already open - https://www.rinkejopuslapis.lt/ 

The key objective of all club activities is the activation of this process and assurance of high registration numbers in order to attract the interest of political candidates as well as prove genuine interest in Lithuanian political developments.

    Meet GLL Patron Cynthia Pasky | USA

    We at GLL are happy and proud to bring together the community of over-achievers as GLL Patrons supporting GLL activities by all means.

    One of them - CYNTHIA PASKY, Laureate of Global Lithuanian Awards, Founder, President and CEO of Strategic Staffing Solutions International (S3)

    In business since 1990, S3 is based on four corporate pillars: 1) aim high for what a corporation should do; 2) create jobs; 3) offer people an opportunity to succeed and change their station in life; and 4) make community and charity work a core part of the company’s business.

    With those pillars at the heart of all her work, Cindy has grown S3 from a five-person, $2.3 million company to the international, $350 million IT and business services corporation. From its Detroit headquarters, Cindy has expanded services across the country and across the Atlantic with 25 U.S. branches and seven European locations, the first opened in her country of family origin - Lithuania.

    Cynthia Pasky is very well known for her passionate belief in Lithuania as investment destination among US business.

    On June 4, she joined the honourable panel of global business leaders who shared their experience of dealing with pandemic complications at GLL Online Swap.

    Become a GLL Supporting Member
    Global Business Leaders - on Dealing with Uncertainty
    Anatolijus Foracre | Vietnam

    ANATOLIJUS FOURACRE, Head of Global Technology and Member of the Executive Board at Swiss Post Solutions and CEO at Swiss Post in Vietnam says the key factor for success of any business change or adjustment is careful consideration of cultural differences, very vivid in Asia. Vietnam shall be defined as the society with eager acceptance of hierarchical relations and autocratic rule, with the tendency to deal with problems collectively and the preference of feminine approach to corporate relations. This allowed to take COVID19 under control very fast by the announcement of local epidemic, strict lockdown and social distancing. So, by the end of March, the country was back on track and fully operational. Continue reading HERE>>

    Stan Kuliavas | Canada

    STAN KULIAVAS, Vice President, Sales & Business Development at Levaero Aviation represents the sector of private business aviation selling, servicing and upgrading business jets to individuals and companies. On support side, they are actively engaged in humanitarian aid activities.
    The largest COVID19 related adjustment took place in customer service essential to the survival of the company. The key success factor of the transition to predominantly digital communication were regular video check-ins and intensive messaging to keep the contacts as engaged as possible. It worked with staff management and engagement as well. The predominant cause for the communication was care. Continue reading HERE >> 

    Global Lithuanian Leaders

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