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A. Article: Public speaking is for you

I’m not the right personality type!

I will never speak in public!

I get all shaky and sweaty!

There are many reasons not to speak in public.

I've helped individuals from startup founders to multinational CEOs do the job on stage.

And I’m sure everyone can do it right.

Public speaking is a go-to tool for developing self-confidence and building influence as a leader.

How to do it?

Have a read: “Public speaking is for you!"


B. Book: Achieving focus through simplification

Are you the type of person who finishes their day with a to-do-list checked top to bottom?

For most people to-do lists are traps. Why?

  1. They tend to be idea dustbins.
  2. Ideas pile up there and so we end up frustrated and behind schedule.
  3. We end up closing simple tasks so we miss the big picture and the goal.

How to solve it? Focus on just one thing. This book shows "the one thing" as a paradigm of clarity, focus and effectiveness.

The big question is: What's the One Thing I can do so that by doing it everything will be easier or even unnecessary?

I think it enables the reframing of any problem in a brilliant way. 

What is the first domino for getting the job done?

"The One Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results” great read by Gary Keller recommended to me by Krzysiek Piłat, my colleague at Data Ventures. 

It is more than just this one question. Will you go for it?


C. Concept: Forever young

How do you know if you know?

The point is that practice can make us insensitive to novelty.

Change feeds growth, so a groundbreaking inspiration can come from the least experienced person in the room.

So if you are the good old big boss, don’t risk being right.




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