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Heaven of Sound - Price Reduction on certified Tibetan singing bowls during crisis

These are hard times for everyone as we all struggle to stay afloat and find our way through the wave of strangeness engulfing our world.

In these times of physical distancing, please do not isolate yourself socially. Social media, calling or texting are great ways to stay in touch. Wave to the little old lady in the window across the street. Help where you can and encourage others.

We thank all of those artists who have used social media to bring us song and symphonies, laughter and  lightness of heart, comfort and a moment of relief from fear.

We thank those health workers who risk themselves each day, those who work to be sure the elderly and shut in are safe and fed, those who donate food, supplies, and masks to those in need. We thank those who share gifts of wisdom, beautiful photos of landscapes to look at, music, games and bits of silliness to lighten the load for everyone.

We are grateful to those educators who work online to engage their students in their own education so that this time of isolation does not put a hole in their education.

We walk in gratitude. There is fear, yes, there is great sorrow, but there is still a human community that supports and loves one another. The sense of community is returning, families are reuniting. We pray that out of tragedy comes new realization of the connection between us all and the universe. The knowledge that this connection and the taking care of each other physically and spiritually is more important than money or politics. The growth of kindness and awareness, the sense of commitment and responsibility, the strengthening of these small but important connections will take us through all hardship and worry.

For our own contribution, Heaven of Sound is lowering the prices of all certified Tibetan singing bowls  for the duration of this emergency.

We believe in the products that we sell and the message that we teach. We won’t be able to take in customers or clients or host seminars and educational classes at our facility at this time and until the all clear is given. But we want to make it easier for everyone (on a tighter budget) to purchase a healthful sound instrument and to treat themselves with sound.

We are using this time of isolation to build a lot of custom sound instruments and to add Tibetan singing bowls to our store. We have, literally, hundreds of singing bowls waiting to be analyzed, certified, labeled, recorded and photographed! Finally we will have time to present these bowls for you to listen to and choose from.  We also have many gongs, both Burma gongs and the new Voice of India gongs to prepare to upload.

We will continue to upload another free sound mediation to our Heaven of Sound Youtube channel soon for everyone to relax to.

Be assured that we use utmost care to package shipments in a sanitary and safe manner.

Be safe, be well, be kind.

Reduced Prices on certified Singing Bowls

Heaven of Sound's offers Reduced Prices on all Tibetan Healing Singing Bowls through COVID-19 crisis
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Professional Sound Healer Certification / Diploma  Training Programs 2021 at the Sound Healing Academy Heaven of Sound

2021 Education Programs

We got a lot of inquiries the past few weeks for our next Professional Sound Healer training programs and when they will be available.

Here they are, Brand-New:

All 2021 Professional Sound Healer Training Programs are Out!

Is this One for YOU?!

Heaven of Sound can give You the education you need to make those desires a reality. Now is the time to reach for your dreams.

Learn to not only use Tibetan singing bowls and other ancient sound instruments to bring comfort and relief to your clients, but get the deep knowledge and practical application of the Revolutionary European system of Cosmic / Planetary Healing Vibrations! Learn and experience hands-on to safely use and correctly apply the power of Healing through Sound!

Early Bird Discount: Get up to $300 OFF until Aug 31!

If you have any questions, please email us or call (844) SOUND-11 = (844) 768-6311.

Register now to begin working for your certification starting in Spring 2021.

Koshi wind chimes still in stock at Heaven of Sound

Koshi wind chimes - Last ones in stock

Koshi wind chimes are currently in VERY high demand and we are one of the last resources in the U.S. which still have Koshi chimes in stock!

But hurry as they sell out fast!

As the French manufacturer is shut down and unable to ship, there will be a longer waiting until mid Summer before they are back.


New Ocean Drums, Standard + Upgraded model, Only at Heaven of Sound

NEW Ocean Drum "Surf & Sand"

We have our famous Standard Ocean Drums "Surf" back in stock.

Brand New available Now is our UPGRADED model "Surf & Sand", which compared to the standard version has an even broader sound, which can not only produce the ocean waves sound from gentle to roaring, but can also reproduce the hiss and tumble of the tiny grains of sand as the wave subsides.

Find both models in 3 different sizes. Add a small beater if you like tomplay your ocean drum like a Shamanic drum.

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