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Women Empowered Global is a strategic center point for helping individuals thrive in business and in life through professional and personal development. Under this powerful agenda, we launched a global online academy for global participants to connect and learn from global leaders through a very affordable, convenient and interactive platform. No.1 Best-selling authors, award-winning motivational speakers, business leaders, industry experts & mentors. Be inspired, empowered & ready!


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Welcome to your special edition of your monthly empowerment digest.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, mompreneur, business woman, upcoming leader or even when you're in between all of it, this round up contains something for you.

So here’s a round-up of this month:

We feature empowered global parter Dr.Neslyn Watson on Hearttalk. Dr. Watson is a professional executive coach, serving CEO’s, Directors and aspiring directors, to be their best in their leadership and high performance.

Blog contributions titled, ‘Finding My Place’ and ‘Work It’ are presented by writers who express from their heart. The former is a reflection of establishing a strong sense of self and identity, to navigate through changing life circumstances, while the latter presents as an interesting read that demystifies the art (and science) of juggling family and work.

We continue with a column update by Dr. Tana M. the author of the series, ‘Stop Being the Best Kept Secret while Women Empowered Global's online series 'Think a Minute' returns with  yet another inspiring and powerful episode featuring our award-winning Boldness Coach, Vaneese Johnson (USA).

Sonja, our global partner in Slovenia brings to you - 'Ideas for Leaders’, in the form of inspirational, practical and valuable tips for you to improve ourselves as leaders, and in the process, impact others, positively. In this month’s edition, Sonja takes us through a powerful rethink of empowerment, through the topic, ‘Resistance Against Everything That Weakens the Spirit and Limits Freedom’.

We are absolutely excited to present you and serve you with a FREE 15 MINUTE LIFE COACHING OPPORTUNITY. The program consists of personalized quality sessions which allow you to open up to our Life Coaches with regards to any type of problem or hardship you may be undergoing, in relation to career or life goals.

As always, we welcome you to The Business Mingle, which is a global online community dedicated for working moms & millennials, who have a passion and knack for business, entrepreneurship, corporate and other professions.

Also, be sure to check out our Advice Corner, where we explore matters relating to work, life and development

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The Global Speaker Series is our initiative to give women in the market place the knowledge, tools and practical wisdom to get to the next level.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, mompreneur, business woman, upcoming leader or even when you're in between all of it.

We host Monthly Global Leadership Forums  with award winning global speakers. These Monthly Global forums helps you to expose yourself to the global stage and learn with some of the globes biggest influencers!

In each event we cover different varieties of topics and host a LIVE Q&A session.

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HeartTalk® is our platform to showcase the heart of leaders around the world; leaders who are passionate about what they do and are committed to seeing change and advancement. 

Through these experts, Women Empowered aims to dissipate skills and expertise needed to tackle and overcome all hurdles, with the goal of mobilizing women to reach the pinnacle of success.


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New Articles from October

Blog articles


”I’ve never taken so long to realize ‘what I am’ to something. Looking back and trying to make sense of all what has taken place during last five years, I feel the answer lay in few aspects. “

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” Being a working mum, I feel there’s a couple of things (to start with) that we should probably get right and then slowly and hopefully things will begin falling into place and life will balance out (at some point, fingers crossed!). Here’s a few things I think is important to know and sort out at the onset… “

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Column Update - Dr. Tana M. Session

Dr. Tana M. Session has built a successful career in Human Resources spanning over 20 years, where she has held almost every position from administrative assistant to the top Human Resources leader for multiple companies including for profit and non-profit organizations.

Her experience has enabled her to embed her passion for the field of Human Resources and Coaching in everything she develops and implements.


Click Here to read the full article>>

'Think a Minute' series - Vaneese Johnson

Being a working woman and multitasking can feel overwhelming sometimes! Looking for some quick powerful motivation to get through your week or day?  Then this is the place for you.

Women Empowered Global's online series 'Think a Minute' returns with more inspiring and powerful episodes featuring our award-winning Boldness Coach, Vaneese Johnson (USA).


If you feel like you need to get back on track, and find your level of bold, then tune in for a new episode every week.


If you haven't seen the latest episodes yet, click HERE to be inspired NOW.


Follow the episodes with the tag  #WEGThinkaMinute on Facebook.

Leadership Series - Sonja Klopčič

Sonja is our global partner in Slovenia. She brings to you - 'Ideas for Leaders', Inspirational, practical and very useful tips for you to improve yourself as a leader and inspire others.

She is the author of the book "The Energy inside leadership".

Sonja is a developer of new era leadership, and describes real business stories with a personal touch.

Follow this column in our monthly digest for leadership tips to help you be instrumental and more impactful in your walk in leadership.

Today's edition features "Resistance Against Everything That Weakens The Spirit And Limits Freedom" by Sonja.

Resistance Against Everything That Weakens The Spirit And Limits Freedom

Holidays are a time to socialize, celebrate, but also a time for reflection. During the Slovenian Day of uprising against occupation my reflection was focused on resistance.

The trigger for this was a national ceremony, which took place in my home area, Zasavje. Speaker, Dr.Milan Brglez, President of the National Assembly, said that freedom is that we are responsible for our own actions.

Resistance should be based on knowledge and creativity, directed to the common good. "What is needed is a resistance against everything that weakens the spirit and limits freedom." He ended by saying: "For the darkness to win, it is sometimes enough that people do not do anything, that they look away."

Resistance is all too often equated with violence. But we can also resist in a non-violent way. We can start working differently as individuals, exploring new ways than customs dictate, when we become aware that these habits are survived and they hinder us.

Resistance is thus transformed into creativity, exploring new approaches, testing, changing. On the other hand, resistance means also the ability to stop your negative thoughts, fears, shifting responsibility to others, finding excuses...

Sometimes, however, we must resist institutions, when we see that they do not pursue the welfare of the community. It is good to then connect with like-minded people. An excellent example of resistance against environmental pollution in Zasavje is Uroš Macerl, this year's Goldman environmental prize winner for Europe.

Upon receiving the award in San Francisco he said: "It is necessary to combine the knowledge and energy of people who care about how we will live tomorrow... If you are armed with justice and truth, you are not afraid of ministers, not prime ministers, not anyone... Winning is only a matter of time, a matter of perseverance. " You can watch the Goldman introduction of Uroš here.

Even Ideas for leaders are a form of resistance. It is a resistance against the restrictive beliefs, against the survived practice managing from a position of power, resistance against manipulating, and in particular, it is an incentive for change, inspiration for new approaches, invitation to participate. I train myself to transform RESISTANCE AGAINST to MOVEMENT FOR.

With this I direct my energy to a desired state. And the thing we direct our energy to, grows.

Food for Thought


HeartTalk Podcast - Global Influencer Series

Welcome to the Global Influencer Series "HeartTalk®" by Women Empowered Global. Passionate conversations with remarkable personalities who have changed the game.

Join us as we talk about business, entrepreneurship, leadership, personal growth and empowerment. Nothing is out of reach here. We are ready to bring it on!

Listen to the latest podcast with Catherine Molloy here

Check out our list of ready to listen podcasts here!



The Business Mingle Facebook Group

The Business Mingle is a global online community dedicated for working moms & millennials, who have a passion and knack for business, entrepreneurship, corporate and other professions.

This forum is ideal for ALL women who enjoy mingling with a much larger sisterhood who are like-minded and want to inspire one another towards a better life.

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Our Business Mingle events brings women together to celebrate diversity, passion and vision. We hope that through this pioneering group, we can create an incubator for business ideas, a channel for motivation, inspiration and knowledge sharing with collaboration.



The Life Coaching Program

The Life Coaching Program is a program which helps you to get advice and to get help from our Life Coaches. 

The program consists of personalized quality sessions which allow you to open up to our Life Coaches with regards to any type of problem or hardship you maybe undergoing, in relation to career or life goals.

Interested to book yourself some relief and venting time?

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Your Advice Corner - Your questions answered by Senela Jayasuriya

Q: How could young women work towards success in the workplace?

A: Being committed to continuous learning and development are vital, for success, I would say. Being proactive, committed to excellence, helping others, having a positive intent to be productive and cultivating the mindset to serve people are some areas that we can all could cultivate, along the way, regardless if we are just starting out or if we are experienced in the marketplace.

Q: Why is personal development important?

A: Much of what we get is due to the way we present ourselves. Effective self-presentation follows truly understanding one’s personal truth and being authentic with one wants, in order to be their personal best. As such, personal development is a vehicle to living one’s best life.


Coming soon

"How to build a successful Elevator Pitch" with Cheryl Wood

Cheryl Wood is an international motivational speaker, author, and master speaker development coach for women. She is committed to empowering women globally to courageously share their unique voice, story, and perspective. She equips new, emerging, and aspiring women speakers with strategies to master and monetize their message.

Cheryl has been featured on ABC, Radio One, Forbes Magazine, Huffington Post, Essence, Good Morning Washington, and other media outlets. She has delivered keynote presentations for a host of organizations including: Federal Bureau of Investigations, United States Department of Defense, United States Department of Agriculture, The United Nations, Federally Employed Women, Virginia Women in Public Finance, and Verizon Wireless.

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"How To Apply Emotional Intelligence To Lead Your Business" with Murshidah Said

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We conducted our sessions with a mastermind atmosphere. The session was moderated by our Fortune 500 company speaker & CEO Senela Jayasuriya.

Come learn from two award-winning entrepreneurs!

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Murshidah Said is an independent speaker and adviser on personal and corporate transformation. She is also a certified Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner and a certified life coach recognized by the American Board of NLP, NBPES and NLP University (USA). She is also trained in the areas of Accelerated Learning and whole being learning to achieve better education for participants. She is a Certified Advanced Law of Attraction Practitioner.

Murshidah is travels regularly between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. Her work involves conducting training from government bodies, multinational corporations, SMEs and professionals, to the marginalized groups like refugees, low income families and the homeless.

Murshidah is the main presenter on the radio program JEWELS OF INSPIRATION, on Malaysia’s IKIM FM radio station. She was also featured the Indonesian TV show Saleha. Murshidah is awarded THE BEST PERSONAL BRAND as a LIFE TRANSFORMER in 2017, by the Marketing Institute of Singapore.

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