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Dear Reader,

      Sometimes to read is to forget the present moment. Sometimes sweet, sometimes needed. Reader, keep on reading. Read of hope to return to the present moment, still and ready.

Introducing my Writing Partner
Smoakie Marcus Aurelius Jackson Miedema

     Who faithfully wakes up with me every morning to write? Who shares his delight in the spoken word with a diligent meow and a watchful eye over my shoulder? Smoakie  M. A. Jackson is the feline genius behind my social media marketing, and the purr-veyor of my book sales.  

Feline Flashback

Smoakie is almost five years old now, and he's always been supportive. 



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March 16

Self Isolation OR Self Iso-Elation?

The COVID-19  virus has effected everyone except Smoakie.  On March 16, my workplace closed its doors temporarily. While I can do some work from home, this situation does give me more time to write (I've even made writing office hours!) The Vinegar Hill Writing and Reading Companions are still meeting virtually, and supporting each other. Another writing friend of mine, Melissa, gifted me with this idea-capturing device, aka. a cat notebook for grand ideas. My writing friends are the best! 

If you want a virtual notebook that's the cat's meow, click here for the Evernote app!
Vision for the Writer's Journey

How have your priorities shifted in the last few weeks?

With solitude comes soul-searching and solace. I spent time in prayer for you, Reader, and for my writing priorities to be aligned with where God is taking me and the world. My vision verses for this year are Matthew 13:45-46:

'“Again, the Kingdom of Heaven is like a merchant on the lookout for choice pearls. When he discovered a pearl of great value, he sold everything he owned and bought it!'

This verse speaks to me being on mission with God to search for pearls lost in the world. It speaks of sacrifice, and leaving behind everything we have for this greater mission.  It speaks of a journey of surrender, costly but rewarding at the same time.

One day when I was at Groundswell Church, Rod from the Well Christian Woman website asked me to participate in the True Wellness Project, in honor of his late wife Dr. Kimberly Trites. It involved being vulnerable about my past--costly, yes, but hopefully rewarding to the women who  can relate. Click below to view the blog post.

Well Christian Woman
10:14 AM - Mar 14, 2020

To be truly well is to trust God and to trust that His love, free and without conditions, is the deepest joy we’ll ever need and want. God, in His cosmic wisdom, will never withhold something that is good for us, and the Greatest Good Thing is Himself. He will not share our hearts with lesser loves that consume us as we cling to them. His love frees us and gives us life.

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My life experience with overcoming mental illness and working through spiritual doubts has led me to writing about Jane Seaman, a woman struggling with anxiety and depression, with questions about suffering.  Here is  a sneak peek at Jane's diary at the beginning of her journey.

To My Illness

You threaten me with long nights of crying

With days warped and brittle from rattled nerves

You slither like a shadow into my mind

Your terrors pound and pound at my heart’s door.

I shall not answer. You can stay

Locked in the outer dungeon of my mind—

I shall not let you out.

I will only visit your cell once a day

To thrust before you these pages I write

When I lie alone in my sick room.

They will tell of my full life without you

Of my joys and my cares and my adventures

When the tears and sweat have dried.

You are not my master

Only a slave driver I have run from.

You are but a empty Nothing latched to a living Something,

And now I am going to create a Something, fresh and new.

Though you may taint it, you cannot ruin it.

For I will recognize you when you surface—

For the dark Blot of pain you are,

And I will know I am writing the last word, not you.

Read on, Despair, and die.

Historical Minudie
Click for Virtual Museum Link

         Are you interested in learning about the historical world  of Amos and Jane Seaman? A virtual museum can be found here! See a painting of the real Jane, a map of Minudie around the time of my story, pictures of Grindstone Castle, the mansion Jane and Elida explore, and much more!



       My May 2020 newsletter is scheduled for arrival on the first of the month. 'Til then, take care and stay safe!

In word and in life,
In word and in life,
Laura Aliese Miedema

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