DrJoyCoaching Newsletter, vol. 17

March, 2022

Hello friends, 

We never could have anticipated, in March 2020, what we were going to be doing and experiencing over the next two years. Are you exhausted, depleted, worn out, burned out, and ready for a change? Do we dare breathe the air unmasked? Do we dare go to a movie theater, or go on vacation? 

The pandemic has been heartbreaking and incredibly difficult, but also eye-opening, for many. It has caused many of us to really think about, and redefine what is important in our lives. For many women physicians I know, this has meant retiring, leaving their current practice for a practice that gives them more freedom and autonomy, or starting a new business or side gig...

It has also led to many online support communities that, I, for one, have found incredibly meaningful. I am looking forward to meeting so many of my new friends in real life.  The travel industry is ramping up, banking on many people to start living their lives again!  And people are starting to have hope...

When you think about "getting back to normal," what does that mean for you?  

What things from from "pandemic time" will you keep? 

The extra time we spent during the lockdown with our kids was frustrating, yes, but also really special. I saw my husband and daughter form a strong bond when both were home all day together in 2020. They baked together, went shopping together, walked the dog together, and had conversations that may have never happened otherwise.  You can't take that away. 

Are there some new practices you started doing during the pandemic? And how will you avoid sliding back into old habits? I started meditating every morning and exercising more regularly during the pandemic. I am dedicated to keeping it going! 

As we come out of the darkness of Covid-19, my hope is that you will reflect personally on what you've learned--not so much about the virus, or the science, or the politics, but about yourself, your relationships, and your values in life. 

Because, going forward, that  is your "new normal." 

Be well, and don't forget to breathe...


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