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Welcome! I'm glad you're here. Today was an interesting day. I had my share of technical difficulties. Attempted a live stream and Murphy decided to visit 😀 - internet failures, software crashes, hung-up livestream and processing. And like my favorite coach, Ben Zander, says: "How Fascinating!" - I learned a lot and love it! There's a happy ending, I was able to persist and still post a recording on the day of Scrum's 25th Birthday!

The 7 changes to the Scrum Guide 2020

Scrum is 25 years old today. What started as an agile framework is now the pre-eminent way of working. Born in a software world, and still enjoying a solid spot in software, it's now being used by businesses of all sizes and all occupations - non profits, oil rigs, the military, education, you name it.

It isn’t the only kid on the block, Scrum is agile and there’s more to agile than just Scrum. Yet, Scrum is still a great way to run businesses that look and feel modern. Personally, I'm excited about the new updates.

In this video, I’ll show you what those 7 changes are and why you should care. And if this is the first time you're hearing about it, there's no day like today to dive into this beautiful gift from the agile community. Enjoy!

What's Next?

I've been experimenting with coaching and team activities that were originally designed for a physical world, and making them work in a 100% remote world. Not all experiments gave useful outcomes. Yet, many did and I'm excited about them. e.g. now I have a virtual penny game, a solid alternative to the Kanban game, and a solid suite of alternatives. My intention is to build quality content to give you the tools to be more awesome. And perhaps the best way is to do it through patreon, so I don't have to worry as much about the bills! Need more signal to know how to make this work and I love all of you (and especially those who have personally replied to my emails and given me feedback, keep 'em coming!)

The Trust game I teased in the last email is still on the roster, which replaces a physical party game I've played with real teams. And although, it's usually designed to blow of steam, I have found ways to connect the lessons back to work.


I love you for still reading! So, I mentioned Ben Zander earlier. It's not an accident that his lessons have been very useful in my coaching practice with individuals and teams. Many of my clients have been subjected to the following two short videos, that I play for them and ask to reflect back on. And I'm sure they will be useful for you too!

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