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Hey friends, welcome to the all new Stream Report, a weekly newsletter from Gaming Careers covering important news and updates in gaming, streaming and content creation.

The past week has been full of updates and releases to existing platforms and tech: Twitch is releasing further updates to it's site and services, Elgato is improving it's capture capabilities and news that the Playstation 5 may not be as available on release as many would hope.

Twitch - Esports Has a New Home

Twitch is continuing with it's release of updates and improvements to the platform; this time introducing a dedicated Esports directory. 

Looking for live tournaments, highlights, your favorite esports players or just the games themselves? Now you can find them in one, centralized place. 

Alonside esports, Twitch is also highlighting musical talent by adding it's own Music directory alongside the main menu. A clear sign it's no longer just gaming content that Twitch is embracing on its platform. 

Elgato Updates Capture Tools

Elgato's Multi App now supports further devices; allowing you to both record direct video feed from the device as well as capture it's output into your stream software!

Discord Extends Server Video

This week has seen Discord extend it's Server Video functionality to all servers with memberships under 1000, opening this service up to all Discord users.

PS5 Limited Release Possible

The much awaited Playstation 5 may have a limited initial release due to expected costs of the device and it's expected price tag. Details still to be confirmed.

New $1200 Recommended PC Build

This week I'll be releasing a video building a $1200 PC from my recommended PC builds. Be sure to subscribe to know when the video hits!

If you're looking to start streaming or upgrade your setup, these builds are regularly updated to keep up with modern prices and requirements to get you live, no matter your budget.

Pestily: Partner, Tarkov & Charity

This week's podcast features Pestily: Twitch Partner, Tarkov player and dedicating the year 2020 to raising money for charity.

Subscribe to the podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or Google Podcasts to join in on the conversation or catch up on previous episodes.

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