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Socially Distancing our Newsletter

Welcome to the weirdest Spring in memory. Willa and I hope you are safe and that you and your families are well. Like everyone else we’re rolling with the punches and making decisions about our short and medium term plans as the “new normal” becomes our reality.

The Mustard Tour won’t happen this year (obvs) but the website is once again open for business. We had wanted the mustard rollout to be a combination of live and online experiences but given recent events we’re focusing on the stuff we can do digitally and locally.

We are taking every precaution possible to keep our team healthy and safe. Our airport operation won’t resume until people are flying and its safe to open once again – so it’ll be at least a few months. That gives us the opportunity to focus on our website and do some really fun local events. As you will see below Passover was a good example.

Thank you for coming along on this part of the journey with us, scroll down to find a 10% off discount code for our shop. Please keep in touch. We always like to hear from you – recipe ideas, radio/podcast ideas, feedback and suggestions.

Mustard Maven
Zane Caplansky
Zane Caplansky
Cooking Demos and Celebrating

Instead of holding the mega-Seder as planned on April 8, Willa and I did on-line demos of most of our Seder dishes and then, in partnership with Rhino Coffee here in Tofino, we made Seder meals for two dozen people on a take-out basis. Not quite the same thing but far more than simply cancelling.  

Actually it was way better.  As it has for many others, cooking has been a way through this difficult time.  Inspired by watching our friends online demos, Willa and I loved not just making the food but interacting with people during and after the demos. Missed them? No problem. You can find all of our videos on our website including our original brisket curing and spicing recipe and technique. 

And, yes, we’re doing more of these. In fact, three live videos every week:

Catch Up
Starting May 7 @ 11am
30 Second Thursdays

Need a reliable idea for a way to add flavour or creative flair to your food? And who doesn’t? Every Thursday we’ll post a quick recipe demo for a mustard sauce, mustard dip, mustard marinade or mustard schmear.

This week: Russian Dressing.

Starting May 9 @ 11am
Sandwich Saturdays

Live sandwich making demos? Every week? Yup. One sandwich every Saturday. Because this Saturday is Willa's birthday and since the Reubenesque is her fave and she's my fave, that's the one she'll get. We'll use the Russian Dressing from the Thursday demo and post a recipe too.

Starting May 11
Mustard Mondays

Right? Why isn’t it a thing already? What is it? Mustard Mondays is whatever we want it to be. Got ideas? People you want to meet? Ingredients you want to see demoed? An argument you want to have? I’d like this to be a collaborative place and leave it open to surprises and fun stuff 


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Zane Behind the Mic

And of course, our Unprepared radio show airs live every Sunday at 8am PST (that's 11am in Toronto) on Tuff City Radio.  If you miss it, a podcast will be available on soon. The only issue currently is audio quality. Because all of our guests are on the phone, the audio is suboptimal. However, I am having a blast doing the show, getting to know the food scene through the characters here on Vancouver Island.

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