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 Women in Travel Poll Results

Our latest poll shed light on women's experiences in travel. A big thank you to everyone who participated! 

78% of the respondents state that travelling is harder for women than it is for men; 20% think it is equally hard. Finally around 2% (4 of the women respondents and one of the male respondents) believe that travel is easier for women.

With a majority of female respondents sharing their motivations, challenges, and preferred travel styles, it's clear that women's voices are crucial in shaping our community.

Check out the full results and reflections on our site – let's continue the conversation and celebrate the diverse experiences of women travellers!

New Feature:
Gender Filter in the UN Masters List

Reflecting on the latest poll results and honoring the unique journeys and challenges faced by female travellers, we've introduced a gender filter to our UN Masters List! This addition reflects our ongoing dedication to inclusivity and recognition within our community.

While we cherish the spectrum of identities, this feature currently focuses on a binary representation, aligning with our goal to foster inclusivity while recognizing the vast array of gender identities out there.

New UN Masters

Talking about the UN Master List, let's give a big round of applause to two extraordinary travellers who recently completed their quest to visit every country! Both are from the United Kingdom.

Shout out to Alan Cassels, who completed his journey in the serene beauty of Laos.

Sam Hawthorne has let us be the first ones to announce that he just got to his final country, Djibouti! Having been a presenter at the NomadMania Travel Awards twice, Sam is a dear friend to our NomadMania family and finally completes a dream that he has had since he was 13 years old!

NomadMania Committee Meeting

Our latest committee  meeting on March 23rd was a melting pot of ideas, reflecting our community's diversity in age, gender, travel styles, and more. It's inspiring to see such varied perspectives unite over a shared passion for travel and an international Committee which has been working for more than a year to make NomadMania even better!

New DARE regions in Australia and Oceania

Our DARE list has expanded this week with mesmerizing spots in Australia and Oceania, reaching a new total of 1411 places.

At the tip of Babeldaob Island, Palau lies the breathtaking Ngarchelong State. Ngarchelong is home to Badrulchau, Palau's top archaeological site, featuring ancient stone monoliths and carvings that date back to A.D. 161. But there's more! Ngarchelong's waters are a haven for marine enthusiasts. Your next adventure awaits!

Other DARE places to exlore this week include:


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