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UK Lawyers Uneasy About Plan To Prosecute Hate Speech At Home: You often learn the most from people you disagree with, that is why free speech is essential. It's even alarming that this is a general question.

49% Of Facebook Employees Don't Believe It Had Positive Impact: Facebook is a different company in 2020. The results of its 'pulse survey' found that 49% of employees aren't happy. I guess the money makes up for it.

No More Google: This week, I got locked out of my Google account, again. I've been gradually moving away from Google services this year. I can't stand their 'approach'. Here's a list of alternatives.

It'll Be Harder to Write Science Fiction: Right now, you could perhaps class George Orwell's 1984 as non-fiction. Dystopian novels will have to become more 'creative' to help us visualize a more frightening state.

Changing Attitudes To Data Privacy: Though we have plenty of signs, I don't think many people care about their online privacy. Though it's a fun dinner-table conversation, nothing changes unless one takes action.

Zoom Deleted Events Discussing "Censorship": We only need to look through history books to see what happens when private companies control the narrative. The East India Company is a horrific example.

Silicon Valley's Crisis Of Conscience: Big tech companies are going through a grilling by authorities. And rightly so. However, people must take action themselves to guard their lives against online manipulation.


Fathom Analytics: I use Fathom Analytics on Incognito Weekly's website. It's a simple, light-weight, privacy-first alternative to Google Analytics. Site owners don't need gobs of data on their visitors.

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