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Coronavirus BCP Updates

Dear Business Partner,

Marm Assistance has a designated disaster recovery/ business continuity plan according to ISO27001 quality systems which have been updated for COVID-19, ensuring the safety of Marm’s employees and business partners and it’s continued business resilience

Marm Assistance’s Existing BCP:

Professional Contact Center Infrastructure powered by Cisco & Nixxis platforms Inbound multi-channel services;

  • Internet & voice communication: %99.998 availability, 50Mbps fiber and land line backup
  • Data Center: %99.99 availability solutions
  • Electricity: three modular 80 KvA UPS infrastructure with 250 KvA generator

  • Disaster recovery: online back up to HQ data center in 9 different servers in 2 locations
  • Digital security: GDPR, KVKK (Turkish equivalent GDPR) and HIPAA to protect personal data under ISO 27001
  • Monitoring and System Availability Management: monitoring with Manage Engine Services
  • Immediate activation of call center agents: In addition to its operational staff connecting remotely via VPN, up to 20 call center agents to be able to immediately connect remotely assuring call center continuity with tests underway

Marm Assistance’s Updated BCP:

In addition to its existing BCP, Marm Assistance has created 3 alert levels for the sequence of preventive measures and staffing in the office and has already taken the below stated preventative measures;

Alert levels; for staffing

  • Yellow: currently activated
    • staff not essential to be in the office to work from home/ remotely (Group C)
    • staff returning from a trip (eg: medical escort) to work from home for 14 days
    • increased hygiene at the workplace
  • Orange: upon completion of all necessary tests
    • Remaining staff (excluding Group C which already works remotely) to be split into Group A and Group B and alternate working from the office on 15-day rotations
    • Procurement of laptops and increased internet connections to facilitate more operations staff to connect remotely
  • Red: to be triggered in the event of National Curfew or in the event of the first COVID-19 infection case within Marm
    • Office shut-down & work to continue with staff working remotely

Increased measures for health & hygiene at the workplace

  • Surfaces (desks, tables) and objects (telephones & keyboards) are wiped with disinfectant regularly
  • Regular & thorough handwashing by employees, contractors are promoted with signposts around the office
  • Hand sanitisers are placed around the office
  • Daily routine of in-house nurses taking the temperature of staff
  • Single point of contact is assigned for couriers, postmen and deliverers, ensuring all packages and envelopes are receipts by safety gloves and masks. Retains the names and contact details of these clerks to ensure smooth tracing
  • Continuous updates are provided to all employees about the latest situation on COVID-19

- All business and personal trips cancelled

- Any personnel returning from a trip (eg: medical escort) is self quarantined & works from home for 14 days

- All business meetings (clients, service providers etc) are replaced with skype calls

- Attendance to conferences, seminars and similar organisations are postponed

    Marm Assistance assures its customers, counterparties and service providers that it continues to provide assistance and will provide periodical updates of status.

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