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As my mother liked to say, sometimes you’re a day late and a dollar short. In my case, make it a week.😉

What can I say? Traveling is WAY more work than I thought it would be. Down-time was practically non-existent. We drove, set up camp, drove, repeat, repeat. I’m not complaining, just admitting my limitations when it comes to mixing business with travel pleasure.

And our trip was incredible.

Since I’m still on the road as I write this, I’m going to keep it short and, hopefully, sweet, with lots of pics. As soon as I get back in the groove, I’ll share more.

DAY 1: We found a new RV park. The view is lovely (see below). Best part: it’s right next door to a bar/restaurant. #nocookingworks4me😉

DAY 2: We stopped at a wonderful educational facility near Elko, Nevada, that had been closed (Covid-19) when we drove by two years ago. If you ever have the chance, don’t miss: California Trail Interpretive Center.

DAY 3: We spent our second night in Evanston, Wyoming. This was repeat stay from two years ago, with one small difference: the next morning, we met Paul’s brother, David, and sister-in-law Karryn, (they were headed back to California from South Dakota) for breakfast. A funny, unexpected bit of serendipity.

DAY 4: Getting off I-80 was one of our goals. We headed north toward Casper, and spent the night in Glenrock…right beside the North Platte River. I gotta say, the only thing I ever knew about the Platte was what my mother used call it: A mile wide and an inch deep. That truly didn’t apply to its northern tributary. We loved this quiet, peaceful spot.

DAY 5: THE BLACK HILLS. We met Tom, another of Paul’s brothers, and wife Lynn in Whistler’s Gulch Campground in Deadwood. This was the day after Labor Day. The place was practically empty, which suited us just fine. We mingled with the locals: the deer.

From that point on, my focus was visiting family and participating in our class reunion. We had a lot of fun re-connecting with old friends and sharing stories best left unshared…except in fiction. I’ll spare you the multitude of pics, but here are some shots of the beautiful state of South Dakota and my old hometown of Brookings.

Next newsletter, we’re Westbound…and we got to meet and hold the miracle babies I told you about this spring. They’re both 9-pounds now!!!


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