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We have a plan! (I Think)

Welcome Back

It's been a long week as Lance and I discussed back and forth about where we want to be and what we want to do to move forward. However, we made a decision! At least I think we did. Maybe...

If you didn't already know, we lived on 15 beautiful acres in Central Florida, my dream homestead. We had animals, gardens, houses, and the works. We had a bunch of struggles but we always seemed to figure it out.

In February I had to leave and go to Pennsylvania where all 4 of my children and grandchildren live for a family crisis. That crisis lasted through May and has currently just been averted finally.

However, while we were here taking care of family, the Covid-19 crisis happened also. This kept us from being able to return home. And then the worst news ever came.

My mother decided to sell the entire property to a commercial builder with no warning to us. Two houses, 3 packed sheds, an edible food forest, abundant vegetables, and 20 years of memories all gone in the blink of an eye and we had no say so at all.

My Weakest Point

I have to admit, this was the hardest time for me. It means everything must be moved, homes for whatever animals are there, packing ALL of our stuff, coming up with the money for moving trucks and storage units, on top of coming up with the money to find a new house somewhere and utilities.

I hit the bottom, cried a lot, prayed even more, reached out to friends, and then posted to my readers on Facebook. Then a wonderful thing happened.

The support flowed in! I received more emails, private messages, phone calls and so on that I ever dreamed of! I was touched.

An Idea Came To Me

I have decided to stay with my daughter. We have a basement apartment that I am painting and working on day by day. It will be our home through 2020. We will make the best of what's at hand until we can save the money to find our new dream homestead.

We will set up a hydroponics garden along one wall and will learn how to grow food inside. I will start a vegetable garden in my daughter's yard that we will harvest from also.

This will be a good time to do more canning and home-type skills and I will be writing about those things.

So bear with me as I make the lifestyle changes that life has thrown at me and I learn new things in the meantime. Life may have knocked me down but I will get back up stronger and better than before.

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One last thing...

Remember, even though we may be apart, we are still in this together!

Thanks so much and have a great week!


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