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May 2020

Recent Security Audits

ETH 2.0 Specifications

This audit was conducted in anticipation of the launch of ETH2.0 — currently scheduled for later this year.

Tinlake Platform for Centrifuge

A smart contracts framework on Ethereum that enables borrowers to draw loans against non-fungible assets.

TzBTC for the Tezos Foundation

TzBTC enables the compliant issuance of a fully Bitcoin-backed token on the Tezos blockchain while aiming to eradicate the risks of a single-point-of-failure.

Lodestar Utility Libraries for ChainSafe

Lodestar is an Ethereum 2.0 implementation of the Beacon Chain.

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Decoding ZKAPs

In March, we gave two talks on ZKAPs — zero knowledge access passes.

What are ZKAPs? The use of ZKAPs helps the maintain privacy-preserving payments. This anonymous, token-based authorization protocol based on Privacy Pass helps facilitate an online exchange of value while disconnecting the payment and service data that is gathered on customers.

We created ZKAPs to better address the access-control issue in Tahoe-LAFS for the development of PrivateStorage, however we see many possibilities for the use of ZKAPs to help protect user privacy in other services that need to accept online payments.

More on ZKAPs
Security Sessions Webinar

On April 30th, we hosted Security Sessions  a free webinar on the security of blockchain projects. 

After many conversations with tech leaders who want to prioritize security for their projects, we were inspired to offer an educational session about security audits and the importance of security to the ecosystem in general.

Remote Connections

What we’re reading in Paper Club:  OpenPrivacy / Towards Anonymous Prepaid Services  (Similar to a book club, our “Paper Club” is a periodic meeting where we discuss a paper as a team. Sometimes it's a new paper, sometimes an older one.)

Virtual water cooler time: Even though we're already a remote-first team, with all the sudden changes in the world we found ourselves wanting to connect, share, assess, analyze and discuss events. So, we came up with scheduling an "Open Chat" across various time zones, where team members can jump in, say hi and partake in some non-work related banter. What are some things your team is doing to stay connected?

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