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The wait is almost over! 

Knots will premier on Amazon on June 1. Get your Kindle or paperback copy at the link below, or read for free on Kindle Unlimited. And when you do, please leave a review; we depend on reviews to help get the word to other readers.

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In this issue, we also have recommendations for five awesome books we have read, highlights for a couple of Indie authors you should check out, and summertime promotions packed with new books.

Cover of Knots by Chuck Boeheim
Releasing June 1

M. Resche is trapped in a land that is not his own, where mages move tiles the size of nations in a vast Game. The magic of the land is topomancy, the power of extra-dimensional knots, fractals, and tessellations. And Resche… Well, he’s an art thief, with some special skills that border on obsessions. (That’s not his real name, of course, nor is any other that he’s likely to give you.) To get home, he has to pit his skill against the mages.

Resche must search for clues to the great Game in an Astromancer’s observatory, a Fractalist temple, and a strange, dimension-straddling castle. The watchmaker and the jeweler might not be who they appear. And the woman who owns the local newspaper might prove an ally, or more, if small obstacles like the truth don’t get in the way.

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Our books

Sellenria: The Starship and the Citadel

Blending elements of hard SF and Fantasy, this is a tale of self-discovery, set in a journey through a fantastic land. All legends have a kernel of truth, but the full story can be surprisingly different. As the War of the Grimmerroth appears destined to replay itself, Stenn and Gilwyr must struggle to transcend their roles. The last war devastated the planet; this time it could extinguish all life on this unique world.

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Short Stories
Viral: A Contagious short story

Stories evolve. Sometimes they evolve a sense of self-preservation.

Interaction Region

A physicist trips on the intersection between universes

Void Birds

In the Sellenria universe, a ship makes a presumed first contact.

The Ledger

The corpse showed up with an axe it its head and a map in its pocket.

Support other Indie authors
First Contact Book by Moud Adel
The Cursed Kingdom Book 1
The Broken Daughter

Long ago, magick filled the land of Dramolux...

The Atlas Nations series Book 1
Writing in the Sand

Britain cut itself off for years. Now it's colonising alien worlds... illegally.

What we've been reading

Here are four beautiful and compelling novels to add to your reading list. 

Sailing to Sarantium

Guy Gavriel Kay assembles, stone by glittering stone, the tale of a master mosaicist who is summoned by the Emperor to perform the commission of a lifetime.

The Quantum Magician

​Singularity Cyberpunk, caged gods and their obligate worshipers, a satisfyingly complex con job and grand heist, and an epic space battle.

Implied Spaces

Swordsman and scholar Aristide wanders the multiverse with his talking cat. Between things that are created exist those that are implied.

The Chronicles of Master Li and Number Ten Ox

"…the abbot of our monastery always said that fable has strong shoulders that carry far more truth than fact can."

And something in a completely different vein...

The Lost World of the Old Ones

Desert philosopher, seeker of ancient civilizations, and expert rock climber David Roberts tells of his adventures

of the last 20 years exploring remote archaeological sites from central Utah to Northern Mexico.

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