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Greetings from Emaurria!


About a month ago, I wasn't happy with the state of The Dragon King. For about two decades, I've simmered on the world of Blade and Rose, and Rielle's story. And I knew this book, similarly to By Dark Deeds, was going to be a difficult draft. Amazon's policies allowed me to postpone the release one month, and I did that, assuring myself that one month would be all I'd need to bring the book to order. I was the author, the book was the book, and what I said goes... right?

Wrong. The book grabbed me by the collar, shook me hard, and told me there was one boss of this book, and it was not me.

I've had a good year and change of being an author and producing at the rate I plan for. I tell myself I'll write X pages or words, and it happens. It happened so well and so reliably that I took it for granted, and now, with my ninth(?) publication, there's a wrench in the gear, and it turns out I'm not the machine I thought I was, or a machine at all.

What does this mean, dear readers? Well, for one, Bright of the Moon is still releasing as planned. The Celestial War series is still releasing as planned, but for the time being, The Dragon King will no longer be available for preorder. It will be released sometime this year (hopefully in the next couple of months), after extensive revision, critique, and editing, once I am happy with it and can be confident you will be, too. It's against my nature to not set a date, but I don't want to set a firm date and not know for certain that it'll be ready. So it could be May, or it could be July.

I know this isn't good news, but I will do my best to keep you updated so you are the FIRST to know when it does release.

From the bottom of my heart, I apologize. This is completely my sole responsibility and my failure, but I hope you will pick up the book when it does release and know it's only gone out with my complete confidence.

That said, I do have something special for you. Two things, actually. They won't make up for this, but I hope they'll be something for you to enjoy and bring a smile to your face.

#1: The long-requested and long-awaited Character List. If you aren't caught up to Queen of the Shining Sea and Blood of the Wolf, please don't read it yet as it will contain spoilers. But if you want a quick refresher of who everyone is and where, this is it!

#2: The first five chapters of the current draft of The Dragon King. They are subject to change, but if you've been waiting for a taste of what happens next, here it is. :)



Read the first five chapters!

Now on to the good news!

I do have some wonderful giveaways and sales I'm part of, so if you're looking for something to read, I've got it for you. :)

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Thanks for reading!

P.S. I’d love to hear from you! If you hit the reply button, you can send me an email--I read them all personally. :)


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