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It is a tight and vibrant community of over 2.000 global professionals and 25 clubs of professionals all over the world, built over 10 years with firm belief that Lithuanians around the world are Lithuania's treasure rather than loss. It embraces successful entrepreneurs and scientists, high level professionals and students of the best global universities, change-makers of the public sector and global policy makers, many of them are currently actively helping our home-land to deal with the crisis we are currently facing.

Small but tough GLL Team with a help of Our Board are strongly determined to continue providing ways and tools to contribute to the prosperity of our home-country, as well as connecting the like-minded people all around the world. We also do our best to keep our network, events, information digests and activities open to our active members as well as wider public as much as it is possible.

Below, we are sharing an Overview of GLL Finances and Achievements of 2019, and Plans and Hopes for 2020 (due to change under the effect of Covid-19 outbreak)

With GLL being a non-governmental and non-profit organisation, financial support from our members and friends is what now ensures GLL existence.

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Let this crisis make us stronger in our bonds, creativity and a will to ACT! 

Aušra Kukelkaitė / CEO @GLL 


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In 2019 we:

Expanded the Network

- 380 NEW MEMBERS joined the network, reaching a total of 2080 members in 49 countries.

- 2 NEW CLUBS OF PROFESSIONALS in Tallinn and Paris established, reaching a total of 25 Clubs in Europe, Asia, and North America.

Activated the Network

- 52 business advisors voluntarily consulted 150 Lithuanian companies on the issues of export (Business Advisors & Export Clubs).

- 172 global professionals mentored 280 young Lithuanian talents in 5 global regions on their career choices (LT Big Brother).

- At GLL organised events :

  • 550 diaspora and Lithuanian professionals made meaningful connections.
  • 21 global professionals shared their ideas and inspiring stories.
  • 250 professionals from 22 countries contributed to the creation of Lithuanian positioning statement, global academic network and new forms of global business advisory.

- 1.000 young global professionals engaged to activate local communities in 10 Lithuanian cities (City Alumni).

- 85 members of 15 Clubs of Lithuanian Professionals in Europe and the USA facilitated the growth of the network of Clubs.

Attracted to Work in Lithuania

- With GLL network contacts we helped to attract 9 high-level global professionals as Board members and C-level managers in Lithuanian companies.

- Through our programs 9 young graduates of foreign universities started their careers at Lithuanian companies.

Brought Diaspora Efforts to Public Attention

- Closely followed and selected 26 achievements of diaspora professionals to be nominated for Global Lithuanian Awards 2019.

- Engaged the President of the Republic of Lithuania Gitanas Nausėda as well as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to award 11 diaspora achievers with Global Lithuanian Award during the live broadcast on national television LRT. 

Kept you Informed

- We prepared and disseminated 12 monthly information digests to GLL community of 5.000 readers.

- We gathered and posted over 200 peaces of news on GLL social network pages, followed by 15.000 global professionals.

Funds Raised and Contributions 2019

Global Lithuanian Leaders

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