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Issue 3- June 29, 2018

Issue 3- June 29, 2018

Happy Friday Friends!

Welcome to the third issue of "The Cre8tive Life!" Your weekly newsletter full of lifestyle tips, smiles, and cool things to check out---and, the "feel good" component of my company, The Cre8tive Artisan, which is where I "make the magic happen" and produce fun, exciting, and engaging lifestyle events that help connect us humans in deeper ways.

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My weekly (random) compilation of some of my favorite "cre8tive" things that I want to share:

  • FAVORITE WORD: Inimitable


  • MUSIC: While I pretty much LOVE all types of music, and consider myself to be quite the music nerd, I tend to not really be the world's "biggest  country music fan." I actually can only take it in (very small) doses... However, while in a store recently, I came across a country song that I really loved, and that totally fit my current state of mood: William Michael Morgan's "Missing.


  • ADVICE: "Set your intention. Be open. Have fun."  


  • FOOD: "Spicy Chipotle Black Bean Burger"---been making a conscious effort to try to eat more healthy things, and had this at a Vegan spot this past weekend- and LOVED it


  • FEEL GOOD STORY: A beautiful share of a couple with Down syndrome who talk about love, and what it means for them. TOTALLY LOVE THIS


  • LEARNING MORE ABOUT: Dekotora (the 40 year old tradition of extreme and extravagant truck decoration in Japan). I randomly stumbled upon an exhibit highlighting this last week, and have been slightly obsessed by this magical "truck art" ever since



I often find myself in a state of pondering life, and what it’s all about. I am on the constant search for its meaning,  and deciphering what truly exists between that inevitable dash on one’s tombstone at the end of it all…

Each of us comes to be from two people who unified in a moment of love (or lust) to create a new being. And, through that specialized union, we are set to fulfill a divine purpose. The gift of life that we all possess is to hopefully leave a great mark on the world, and to ultimately leave this planet better off than when we first came upon it in some way or another. Some people have “perceived” great gifts to share that come with loads of notoriety and praise from the masses, while others may occupy gifts that are known to only few. Regardless of the gift, they all mean something to someone at some point in time, if they are shared and used to their maximum potential. The innate gift that is within each of us is something intrinsic- something that comes naturally, and allows us to be a beam of light for others. It lights the way for happiness, joy, peace, and all that other great goodness that can still be found in the world. The gift can come in many forms and is underlined in our passion and carried in the depth of our hearts. Some share their gifts freely, while others are more selectively guarded out of fear. Nevertheless, that gift is still priceless and very valuable. That gift is rooted in the lives that we touch everyday, and is felt within the little things in life---that ultimately add up to being the very big things at the end of our dash.

As we navigate our way through life, it can be very easy to get caught up in the craziness, and to lose sight of our "gifts." With such a strong emphasis often being put on titles, status quos, being defined by others, trying to prove oneself, etc., one can get lost in a complex maze. This often causes us to place those things that are very important to us in the "back of our closets," to pull out for a time when we can get to it, or deal with it. The problem with that is that we never know when, or if, that time will ever come…

The primary "gift" that I am referencing in this little piece, is the priceless gift of authentic friendship and love. It is so very important to make sure that you acknowledge and appreciate those who have shared these "gifts" with you throughout your lifetime, as we are all here but for a very short while. Far too often, the accolades and expression of how much someone means to another isn’t shared until that person is not around to physically hear it...It’s akin to buying someone a gorgeous bouquet of exquisite flowers and never taking the time to give them to them. There are many people who walk this earth (and sometimes leave) never truly knowing that they touched your life or made a difference. What a wonderful feeling it would be to give everyone their "roses" while they are still alive, and to be able to fully "live in the moment." How amazing to also know that each one of us was created to bring such a unique gift into this world.


Do something unexpected and thoughtful for someone that you love, or deeply care about-someone that you may not tell "every day." Tell them how they make you feel. 


I am STILL in the process of creating some "non-traditional" events where people can connect on a deeper level in person. And, I would LOVE to get your feedback on some things. If you could take a quick 5 minutes to fill out


I would be most appreciative!

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