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Hola, adventurous readers!

I'm curious, have you tried cross-genre fiction? When a book refuses to fit neatly into one section of the bookstore, we end up with fun and quirky mashups like:

  • Paranormal crime novels
  • Futuristic sci-fi murder mysteries
  • Victorian murder comedies

Today, I'm bursting into your inbox like the Kool-Aid man to share some nifty cross-genre reads, including a fabulous 99c book deal.


Deal of the Day

Book Cover for Girl of Flesh and Metal. A brown skinned young woman with a silver metal arm.

Alicia's book grabbed my attention for two reasons. First, I enjoyed her fresh, down-to-earth writing style. Also, the premise sounded fun. A cybernetic arm with a mind of its own? A cybernetic arm that might be murdering people?

Girl of Flesh and Metal is a sci-fi murder mystery crossover! And Alicia was nice enough to drop it to 99c for us today.

Buy for 99c

A Reader Recommendation

Book Cover: The Book of Secrets

V tells me she's been enjoying the heck out of The Last Oracle series by Melissa McShane.

This paranormal crime combo looks fun, V! Thanks for the tip.

Buy for $2.99

Oh, and if you're curious about Victorian murder comedies, peek at the Victoria Speedwell series by Deanna Reyburn. I read the first one a while back and ended up chortling into my teacup.

Heading Home to the Emerald City

Well, I'm heading home in a few days and I may have bought too many books. Perhaps I'll strap a few paperbacks to my torso like bricks of cocaine? Certainly nothing could go wrong with that!

Airport security: Ma'am, are those drugs under your shirt?

Me: Well, they do make me hallucinate!

Airport security: (hauling me away)

My husband: (face palming)

I'll miss Valencia, but I'm ready to return home.

six modernist cathedral towers jut upward into a blue sky. The styles are wildly different front one another. Some are gothic and complex, others slender and simple.

Street Art in Valencia Spain

Until next time. 😎

Cheri B.

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