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Oh Canada!

I just wanted to share with you my patriotic moment one morning last week. I think it was Tuesday morning. It was a glorious sunshiny day

(Think: I can See Clearly Now, Jimmy Cliff).

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So, after about 10 days or so of going into our grungy garage and using my son’s grungy weights to adapt to some sort of grungy workout, I said “NO MORE!”. I need to get outside and move. 

I used to be an avid runner. Like, 8-months-pregnant-and-still-running type of runner. Three babies later and pelvic shifting, hormones changing, injuries popping up, I needed to close that chapter of my life.

But I felt compelled to try it again. So, I did what everyone does in the 21st century and YouTubed ‘good running form/skills’ just to make sure I didn’t kill myself out there.

If you have been to my office, you are aware of the BDI Bridge. As I crossed over the bridge trying to emulate what I just watched on YouTube, I had to stop. The sun was powerful and shining to the East of me, the ice was beginning to break under the bridge and the water was glistening. And – best part of all… our beautiful geese were back. So of course, I needed to stop and pause (okay, catch my breath as well because I was already suffering at this point), and just stand there and feel the sun on my face and watch the geese flocking towards the water and shifting awkwardly along the ice patches… It was divine! Then all of a sudden, I was compelled to start signing ‘Oh Canada’. Thank goodness no one else was around to hear me. However, the geese stayed, so it couldn’t have been that bad.

As I stood there, there was an incredible sense of calm.

Let me bring this up again; none of us like uncertainty. However, it is life and yes, we do need to embrace it in a way that still allows us to live a wonderful fulfilling life. We do it through moments like I had. Pausing and being in the present. I was reminded that there are many good constants in life. The sun does shine. Rainbows appear after a storm. Flowers bloom, birds chirp loudly in the morning spring air, and dogs provide us with unconditional love no matter what we do. There are so many more constants that we need to be grateful for! The geese return every year! And – they are not wearing masks, nor do they need to be tested.

Sorry Trump, you can’t control all cross-border travel.

Have you taken on a new hobby? Pastime? Project? Habit?

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Next week I plan on writing about creating new habits. I have included a brief survey here to help me understand the struggles, if any, that you might be having when it comes to creating a new habit. The week following next I will be touching on why it is so hard to break an old habit.

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