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We're excited to announce that Ultra Education Founder Julian ‘The Ultrapreneur’ Hall has been featured by Forbes.com, one of the most recognisable business news sites in the world! In the interview Julian discusses business, education and his mission to teach kids entrepreneurship!

Check out some of the article below:

It’s one of the oldest debates in business – whether it’s nature or nurture that makes someone successful – but one man is on a mission to prove that entrepreneurs are made, not born.

Julian Hall, himself a successful entrepreneur who set up his first business at 18, believes that, far from being innate, many of the skills needed to make it in business can be taught.

And to prove it, he is taking his message into schools to give children as young as seven an introduction to what it takes to become successful in business.

Hall, with the help of a group of friends, set up a fashion business at 18, and had a spell as an investment banker and ran a dot com business before setting up his own digital agency.

And he believes that his experience has given him an insight into the sort of skills young people will need if they are to become successful entrepreneurs.

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