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October 2019 | Vol 2, No 1


Nanda R. and Pamela L. Shrestha Lecture Series: Honouring Nepal Scholars – 1
In the inaugural of this series Seira Tamang will honour Meena Acharya with the lecture

Beyond Respectability
to Demanding Respect
The Work of Meena Acharya

3 pm | 3 October 2019 (Thursday) 
Hotel Shanker, Lazimpat, Kathmandu

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BNAC 17th Annual Nepal Lecture

‘Nepal’s Contemporary Linguistic Landscape: Its Implications for Language Endangerment and Mother Tongue-Based Multilingual Education’
by Professor Emeritus Yogendra P. Yadava, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu Nepal, and Pragya, Nepal Academy.
5.30 PM | 14 November 2019 SOAS, Russell Square, London WC1H 0XG
Hosted by: SOAS, South Asian Institute
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New Journal & Call for Papers

The Research Committee at Ghodaghodi Multiple Campus, Kailali, is launching an interdisciplinary peer-reviewed journal, Contemporary Research: An Interdisciplinary Academic Journal (CRAIAJ), to be published annually from December 2019. Researchers are invited for submission of their original papers for the upcoming issue of the journal.
Please direct queries to
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Motilal Singh Master’s Dissertation Scholarship 2019
Dipak Basnet, a Master’s student in Sustainable Development at Kathmandu University, has been awarded the Motilal Singh Master’s Dissertation Scholarship 2019 by the Centre for Nepal Studies, UK.
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Call for Papers/Panels

Chautari Annual Conference – 2020
Abstract submission deadline:
15 November 2019
Conference days: 19-20 April 2020
Abstracts and queries should be sent to and
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Call for Participation

Concluding the three-year research project ‘touRES - Resilience of tourism systems to natural hazards’, a workshop on ‘Responsible Science in Natural Hazard Research’ will take place on 18 February 2020 in Kathmandu, Nepal. The workshop will provide a forum to discuss how science can work together with citizens and practitioners in the whole research process to better align with the values, needs and expectations of society. Interested all, including practitioners, researchers and students are invited to participate.To confirm interest,
please contact
Workshop date: 18 February 2020



Theatre of Nepal and the People Who Make It
Carol C. Davis
Cambridge University Press, 2019

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The Making of 'Cash Maoism' in Nepal
A Thabangi Perspective
Pawan Patel
Adarsh Books, 2019
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The Politics of Language Contact in the Himalaya
Edited by Selma K. Sonntag Mark Turin
Open Book Publishers, 2019

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Bhaktapurma Gorkhali Hamala
Garudnarayan Gongalko Samjhana
(in Nepali)
Devichandra Shrestha
Jagadamba Prakashan, 2019

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Nepal ka Samudayik Bidhyalaya
Bidhyalaya Sanchalan Prakriya Sambandi Sarbechhan
(in Nepali)
Lokranjan Parajuli, Devendra Uprety &
Rukh Gurung

Chautari Book Series-95, Martin Chautari, 2019
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Haraeko Itihas
Jana Nirwachit Pratham Mayor Tatha Nyayadheesh Janakman Shresthako Jiwan Gatha
(in Nepali)

Janakman Shrestha

Chetana Publishers, 2019

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Loktantra Ra Aajako Markswaad
(in Nepali)
Chaitanya Mishra
Edited by
Rajendra Maharjan
Book Hill, 2019

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Satra Saalko Krantiko Samjhana
(in Nepali)
Krishna Bikram Nembang
Oriental Publication, 2019

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Socio-Economic Issues of Climate Change
A Livelihood Analysis
from Nepal

Luni Piya,
Keshav Lall Maharjan
Niraj Prakash Joshi
Springer, 2019

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Vernacular Religion
Cultural Politics, Community Belonging, and Personal Practice in the UK's Nepali Diaspora
Edited by David N. Gellner
Vajra Publications, 2019

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British Gorkha Niwrittibharan Sambandhi Nitiharu Ra Bhutpurwa Gorkha Abhiyan
Ek Samiksha
(in Nepali)
Chandra Kumar Laksamba, Krishna Prasad Adhikari & Lokendra Purush Dhakal
Translated and edited by Krishna Prasad Adhikari
CNSUK, 2019

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Journal Articles

An Application of the Household Food Insecurity Access Scale to Assess Food Security in Rural Communities of Nepal
Rishikesh Pandey & Douglas K. Bardsley
Asia Pacific Policy Studies, 6:2, 2019
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Community Managed Hydropower, Spillover Effect and
Agricultural Productivity
The Case of Rural Nepal
Bishwa S. Koirala, Alok K. Bohara,
Satis Devkota
& Kamal P. Upadhyaya
World Development Perspectives, 13, 2019
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Environmental Income as a Pathway Out of Poverty? Empirical Evidence on Asset Accumulation in Nepal
Solomon Zena Walelign,
Martin Reinhardt Nielsen
& Helle Overgaard Larsen
The Journal of Development Studies, 55:7, 2019
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Male Out-Migration from the Himalaya
Implications in Gender Roles and Household Food (In)Security in the Kaligandaki Basin, Nepal
Rishikesh Pandey
Migration and Development, 2019
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Submissive to the Political Will?
Civil Society and Victims’ Mobilization around Truth Commissions

Carles Fernandez Torne
Colombia Internacional, 97, 2019
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Where Interests Collided
Examining the Conflictual Relationship between the Nepali State and its Citizens through the
History of Public Libraries

Lokranjan Parajuli
South Asia: Journal of South Asian Studies, 2019
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Ambivalence Towards
Discourse of Disaster Resilience
Hanna A. Ruszczyk
Disasters, 43:4, 2019
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Conceptualising Social Movements and Situating Media Politics
Sasanka Perera
Society and Culture in South Asia, 5:2, 2019
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Livelihood Strategy and Vulnerability of Squatters’ Settlement
A Case of Sunwal Municipality, Nawalparasi, Western Nepal

Devi Prasad Paudel
South Asian Journal of Policy and Governance, 40:1, 2019
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Relational Affliction
Reconceptualizing ‘Mass Hysteria’
Aidan Seale-Feldman
Ethos, 47:3, 2019
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The Material Politics of Citizenship
Struggles over Resources,
Authority and Belonging
in the New Federal Republic of Nepal

Andrea J. Nightingale, Lutgart Lenaerts, Ankita Shrestha, Pema Norbu Lama 'Tsumpa
Hemant R. Ojha
South Asia: Journal of South Asian Studies, 2019
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Towards a Relational Approach to the State
Understanding Social and Political Transformation in Nepal
Uma Pradhan & Karen Valentin
South Asia: Journal of South Asian Studies, 42:4 (special section on Nepal)
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Book Chapters

India and Nepal Relations: Politics and Perceptions
Sangeeta Thapliyal
In India in South Asia: Challenges and Management, edited by Amit Ranjan
Springer, 2019
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Research Reports

Nepal’s Kleptocratic Network
Mapping Corruption and Impunity
Niti Foundation, 2019
English | Nepali

Policy Landscape of Social Protection
in Nepal

Niti Foundation, 2019
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An Essential Balance: Federalism, Rule of Law, and the Judiciary in Nepal
Niti Foundation, 2019
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Civil Society in Nepal: A Selective Bibliography
Compiled by Sanjeela Tamang, Rashmi Sheila & Harsha Man Maharjan
Martin Chautari, 2019 (Version 1.0; 24 September)
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