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Space Technology

UK’s Space Forge debuts new reentry tech for in-space manufacturing satellites

Welsh in-space manufacturing startup Space Forge has developed a satellite reentry system to enable rapid recovery and reuse of its in-space manufacturing spacecraft. The new system, which includes a...

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Artificial Intelligence

The fanfic sex trope that caught a plundering AI red-handed

Wired explores the quirky world of Omegaverse, where artificial intelligence meets unconventional sex tropes. Brace yourself for a journey into a dimension where creativity knows no bounds and where even the most unconventional ideas find their place in the realm of storytelling. Get ready to dive into a world that's equal parts fascinating and eyebrow-raising....

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Consumer Electronics

The Pixel Tablet is half of what it could have been

In a surprising turn of events, Google's latest Pixel tablet has left users puzzled as it arrives without a much-anticipated feature: the Nest speaker dock. While the tablet boasts impressive specs and a sleek design, fans are left wondering where they can dock their favorite smart speaker. It seems Google may have misplaced the speaker in transit, leaving users to come up with creative alternatives, like propping it up with a stack of books or enlisting the help of a resourceful squirrel. As we eagerly await Google's response, it's clear that this missing Nest speaker has become the "silent" star of the show...

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Consumer Electronics

I won’t spend more than $250 on a new smartphone

if you're tired of emptying your wallet for the latest flagship phones, the Pixel 7a might just be the budget superhero you've been waiting for. It's time to enjoy cutting-edge technology without cutting a hole in your pocket...

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Artificial Intelligence

More penguins than Europeans can use Google Bard

In a bid to comply with the European Union's regulations on disinformation and misinformation, Google introduces Bard, its AI-powered poetry generator. Bard is designed to combat the spread of fake news by transforming complex news articles into catchy rhymes...

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Blackstone sells IBS Software stake to Apax for $450 million

Blackstone has reached a definitive agreement to sell its stake in the Indian SaaS startup IBS Software to Apax for $450 million, the three said Monday, the latest in a series of late-stage deal activ...

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