Greetings from under my rock...

The kiddo stayed with Nana and Papa last weekend, so Paul and I had a date night. Which is to say, we ordered Chinese food and watched an R-rated movie (Nightmare Alley, because I'm a rabid del Toro fan). We're real balls of fire these days, I know. To be fair, when I'm behind on a book deadline, I don't have the energy for much else.

Speaking of books and deadlines, "Shadow of Death" is due out in less than 2 weeks. Gah! The Facebook live chat in the Grim Readers group is scheduled for Monday, March 28th, at 6pm central time. After the chat, I'll be setting up a Facebook "room" for the first time to play Senet, an ancient Egyptian board game, with readers. The game rules are up on the event page here:

Facebook event header (decorative)
senet board game

I'm not quite ready to reveal the giveaway box goods yet, but I do have a new custom candle on the way from a Court of Candles! There will also be a themed necklace, and a few mainstay favorites, like a Purgatory Lounge shot glass and Bank of Eternity coin.

I'll have all the loot ready for its close-up in time for the next newsletter, along with a new fuddy-duddy adventure from my life as an introverted hermit. I kid (mostly) but I do love the comfort of this little rock of mine that I share with my two favorite people. <3

So Many Free Reads This Month!

If you're looking for a book (or few) to tide you over until "Shadow of Death" releases, here are two BookFunnel giveaways I joined this month with a heap of fantastic free reads! You likely already have the featured free books by me, but there are so many others in these giveaways that look amazing! I'll admit, I drooled a little over a few of the gorgeous covers. And now they have a nice new home in my kindle. Have a look and you'll see what I mean!

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