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November 14, 2020

On the Homefront - Not Our House!!!

Not our house!

This week saw the last of our nice weather. Winter is coming soon, and with it, we must take down our gazebo. We had planned to do this last night, but it began to rain just as we started. Oh well, I guess it will have to wait.

In other news, we have our Christmas lights up. And no, the picture above is not our house, but I am curious if anybody does decorate this much?

This actually makes the first time we’ve decorated the house in nearly fifteen years. We also got lazy and purchased a timer to turn them on and off automatically. Isn’t technology wonderful!

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This coming Monday at 5:30 pm EST (GMT-5) I will be talking about some of my most favourite Christmas movies.

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Did you know?

My father, Harrold 'Pip' Bennett, served in the British Navy on a minesweeper during the Second World War. I am not sure how true this is because he was a bit of a jokester, but he used to tell me that for the four years he saw active duty, they only ever found one mine!

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Return to Fallout 4

The other day a friend of ours came over and asked for help getting Fallout 4 to work. For those not in the know, this is a First-Person Role Playing Computer Game set in the aftermath of a nuclear war, with a distinctly 50's vibe to it. In any event, it has a large mod community, and he needed me to get some of the mods to work. (I may not be in IT anymore, but people still come to me for computer help). Mods, by the way, modify the game, adding new graphics, monsters, equipment and even new areas to explore. This allows a person to take an old game and replay it with a fresh perspective.

I got his mods working for him, but it led me to think about the game again, so in my spare time, I've gone back to playing it. Some games don't age well, but Fallout 4 is still as entertaining as ever. Now, if only I can find a mod to make the map into Merceria!

Congrats to Maureen, who likes marshmallows, for winning last week's eBook Giveaway! 

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Moby Dick

On  November 14, 1851, the first edition of Moby Dick was published in the US.  This book by Herman Melville would go on to become known as one of the great American novels, but that reputation didn’t come for decades.

Melville wrote Moby Dick over the span of 18 months and drew on his own experiences as a sailor. It is actually based, in part, on a real albino whale that lived off the coast of Chile. The ending is inspired by the whaling ship Essex, which was sunk in 1820 by a whale, stranding the crew thousands of miles from the coast of South America.

The novel was not an outstanding success and might have fallen into obscurity had it not been for D.H.Lawrence, who celebrated the work. It eventually became regular reading for high schools across the United States, and the rest, as they say, is history.

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Work in Progress Update

Things slowed down a wee bit this week as far as the writing of Warrior Knight is concerned. I had some commitments that kept me busy, and then a read through on Fury of the Crown took up some time as well. Despite that, I’m almost at the halfway point in the story (65,000 words), and it’s coming along nicely. Ludwig’s journey is quite different from that of Charlaine, the heroine of Temple Knight. While she looks to the future, Ludwig is, in some ways, stuck, in the past.

There are some interesting secondary characters in this book, and I’m sure I’ll have to bring some of them back in future stories. For now, however, I am content to tell Warrior Knight from Ludwig’s point of view, and that means that some of these extras are destined to fade into the background, at least for the short-term.

Until next time, here is a sneak peak at some more Fury of the Crown, and a favourite scene of one of my Beta readers!

Albreda appeared from behind some trees. "What have you there?"

"A wolf pup," said Hayley. "Snarl found him."

The Druid looked down at the little creature.

"What do we do with him?" Hayley asked, fearing the answer.

"We must take him with us, of course."

Relief flooded the ranger. "Thank Saxnor for that. I thought you'd want us to leave him."

"Why would I do that?"

"It's the law of nature, isn't it? The strong survive, the weak perish?"

"What a load of rubbish," said Albreda. "The strong look after the weak. It's the whole basis of the pack."

"But he's so young."

"Old enough to eat meat, at least. Any younger, and we'd have had no choice but to let him perish."

"How old do you think he is?" asked Hayley.

"No more than a month, I should think. I'm surprised to see him here. His den must have been relatively close by."

"He looks to be having difficulty chewing."

"He's still young. At his age, his mother would have pre-chewed the meat. You'll have to do the same for him."

"You mean I have to vomit?"

"No," said Albreda, "though that's what his mother would do. Just take a bite and chew it, then spit it out. He'll carry on from there."

"Can't you do that?"

"You're the one he's chosen as his new mother."

"Me?" said Hayley. "I can't be his mother. I'm the High Ranger."


"I'm too busy!"

Albreda looked down at the small pup and smiled. "It seems you have little choice."

The ranger's hand instinctively stroked the little creature. Hayley could feel tears welling up inside of her. "Oh, very well."

"You should give him a name, you know. Something to call him other than 'pup'."

"How about Gryph?"

"A fine name, and one that reflects your fascination with nature."

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