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New Jersey Noir: Cape May - a novel by William Baer
The Powow River Poets Anthology II

The Powow River Poets Anthology II continues the tradition of memorable poetry from the Powow River Poets. This group of uniquely talented, award-winning writers is centered in Newburyport, Massachusetts, but includes members from the Boston area and from as far away as New York and Maine. Twenty-seven poets are represented in this volume of the anthology, including Rhina P. Espaillat, A.M. Juster, and Deborah Warren. Here, find masterful poems in form and free verse, on an eclectic range of subjects spanning the domestic to the global, celebrations to mourning, the whimsical to the heartbreaking. It is especially a showcase of the formal prowess of these accomplished poets. The dazzling array of given and nonce forms, including blank verse, triolet, abecedarian, sonnet, villanelle, sestina, and more will inspire with many examples of craftsmanship heightening emotional engagement and insight.

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About the Author

The Powow River Poets are a gathering of widely published, award-winning New England poets, centered in Newburyport, Massachusetts, but including members from the Boston area and from as far away as New York and Maine. More about the Powow River Poets can be found at

What Other People Say

Twenty-seven poets touch on themes ranging from the simple joys of friendship, nature, and art, to the complex issues of faith and doubt, love and loss. In Rhina P. Espaillat’s beautiful villanelle, “Guidelines,” included in this collection, the poet wisely urges us to find something to love, perhaps “a line of verse . . . that feels like the world’s heart since time began.” Beyond question, the poems in The Powow River Poets Anthology II echo the world’s heart.
  —Catherine Chandler, author of Pointing Home

It might be far-fetched to suggest that the Muses have sprinkled a generous share of their gifts into the waters of the Powow River . . . [near] the historic town of Newburyport . . . where the Powow River Poets established their home base three decades ago—but how else to explain the lyric fluency, robust talent, and refreshing wit that consistently distinguish this group?
  —Leslie Monsour (from the introduction), author of The House Sitter

The Powow River Poets are a group known for their concern with the craftsmanship of verse, and for the formal dexterity and precision of their poems—qualities profusely exemplified in this new collection. This is a really delightfully various and moving collection, one to browse happily in and return to often.
  —Dick Davis, author of Faces of Love: Hafez and the Poets of Shiraz

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